5 Perks of Living in a Boarding School in Malaysia

Being able to sleep and study in one vicinity is one of the major perks of boarding school in Malaysia. It’s more convenient and provides more access to boarding facilities that not all students can have.

If you are planning to send your child to boarding school or you are a student who wants to experience the world of independence from your parents, then here are the things you can expect:


  1. Better Interactions Between Students and Teachers

Boarding promotes close interaction and builds friendship between children and adults. It creates a community with camaraderie among people with different personalities.

  1. Learning All Day

Boarding school in Malaysia serves as an educational immersion. Learning is individualized and central. You will be surrounded by peer groups that have the same interests as you. Teams may be composed of artists, academic scholars, athletes, and more. There are many opportunities for you to engage in various fields.


3. Preparation for Higher Studies

Boarding school in Malaysia reflects the kind of life you will be experiencing in a university. You will be prepared physically and emotionally to live your college life. Being in college requires you to be more concentrated on your studies because it is a critical path towards your future career. Boarding school, therefore, is your stepping stone to make your college life productive.

  1. Access to More Facilities

Boarding schools in Malaysia have state-of-the-art facilities. Everything is highly modern and excellent. Aside from the stylish rooms and equipment, board schoolers will feel safe because the rooms are tightly secured with keypad access.


  1. Experience in Independence

Though independence may be challenging during your first days in a boarding school, it may eventually be considered as one of the perks of being a board school student. Being on your own, without any of your parents’ intervention, might make you feel scared because you have full responsibility for yourself. But once you get the hang of it, you will love how you can manage to live life every day while making decisions of your own.

When you are in a boarding school in Malaysia, you will not just study in your convenience, but you will also get personal growth. It is the kind of environment that is conducive to learning. Though there are challenges in your initial days, there are abundant of opportunities waiting for you as a board schooler.

3 Skills to Grasp and Make it as a Big Data Analyst

statistics job in Malaysia

Are you gunning for success as a big data analyst (BDA), specifically in Malaysia? The country is one of the few in Southeast Asia that has developed a big national data analysis framework.

As such, big data interpretation comprises an enormous market for professionals seeking statistics jobs in Malaysia. Big data analysis may be a role for the extremely analytical mind, but what skills do you need to start a successful career in the BDA statistics specialty?


Here are some fundamentals:

  1. Quantitative Skills

As a big data analyst for a top retailer or bank in Malaysia, you’ll be required to scrutinize massive chunks of data to unearth concealed insights like patterns, trends, and correlations. And to do your job well, you’ll require excellent quantitative skills.

Prowess in multivariable calculus and matrix algebra will come in handy too. The statistical concept of probability is vital to grasp as well.

  1. Computer Programming Knowledge

When you know how to code, you have an extra arsenal as a big data analyst. Certain big data analysis tasks require implementation of statistical formulas that only a computer program can process quickly and accurately.

So, when you can program your mathematical algorithms in languages such as Python, C++, or even Java, cracking hidden information in huge data sets becomes easier. Not all successful big data statisticians are programmers, though.

  1. Knowledge in Business Environment

It would be pointless to analyze data unless you can apply resultant interpretations to a relevant business environment. That’s why a big data analyst should possess a concrete grasp of the enterprise domain in which they operate. As such, the expert is in a great position to pinpoint relevant opportunities as well as threats depending on their business expertise.


Malaysia is spearheading big data analytics in the Southeast Asia region in a big way. This paves the way for the creation of numerous lucrative opportunities to get a statistics job in Malaysia.

You can make it in this particular field of statistics if you have strong quantitative and programming skills along with a perfect grasp of your business domain of operation.

A Complete Guide to the Puteri Harbour Theme Park

Image result for e Puteri Harbour Theme Park

Are you looking for a family-friendly getaway in Malaysia? The Puteri Harbour Theme Park in Nusajaya district is one of the best indoor theme parks in entire Johor. It is suitable for families with kids as well as adults who are kids at heart.

This 4.2-acre theme park is recognized as the Jewel of Nusajaya. Ever since it opened its doors to the public in 2010, millions of travelers from Asia and other parts of the globe come to see what’s inside this huge theme park.

Interested in visiting this theme park soon? We bring to you this ultimate guide, complete with everything you need right from going to Puteri Harbour down to exploring the theme park itself:

How to Get to the Puteri Harbour Theme Park

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From Kuala Lumpur

It will take you a three-hour drive to get to Puteri Harbour when you are from Kuala Lumpur. The fastest way, when traveling by public transport, is through the KLIA Ekspres.

You will pay approximately RM60 for a one-way ride. You can simply book your bus ticket from the Causeway Link website. Do note that the daily service from the Swiss-Garden Hotel departs as early as 7 am.

From Singapore

Due to traffic conditions, the fastest route now is via the Lebuhraya Pesisir Pantai Iskandar. In case you are planning to ride a taxi, do note that all flag down taxis is not allowed to get into Johor Bahru.

Most car rental companies also do not allow their cars to cross the Malaysia border. Likewise, most Malaysian taxis are not allowed to cross the border to Singapore.

The most convenient way via public transport is to ride a Singapore taxi operated by the Johor Taxi Service. A trip from Singapore to anywhere else in Malaysia costs around RM 157 (SG$ 50).

From Johor Bahru

If you are already in Johor, simply take a bus ride from the JB Sentral all the way to Puteri Harbour. Pay around RM4 for a 35-minute bus ride.

Where to Buy Tickets

Image result for Where to Buy Tickets

The pricing details for the Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and Thomas Town are all posted in Puteri Harbour’s website. You can purchase your ticket online. All you have to do is print your e-ticket, which will be sent to you as an email attachment. Present the ticket when you get to the admission gates of the theme park.

In the condition that you forgot to bring your e-ticket or cannot print them, you may ask for a re-issued ticket at any ticketing counter of Puteri Harbour. Don’t forget to bring the credit card you used to buy the ticket. Also bring with you proofs of identity such as a Malaysian ID card, passport, or driver’s license.

Below is the current price list of the theme park’s attractions:

  • Sanrio Hello Kitty Town- RM 85 per person • Thomas Town- RM 85 per person • Two Park Pass- RM 125  • Two Park-Pass for Johor residents- RM 65 (check Puteri Harbour’s website for dates and validity of promo)

Where to Stay

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The Hotel Jen is the closest upscale hotel to the theme park. It is just a minute walk from the parks. The hotel is equipped with all the best services and facilities that will make you comfortable after a tiring day at the park.

The big rooms will give you a nice view of the harbour. It is a family-friendly hotel that has a pool for kids. You can also take advantage of the hotel’s free shuttle ride all the way to the Legoland. All the information regarding the room rates as well as the room types can be found on the Jen Hotel’s official website.

Meanwhile, the Somerset Apartments are recommended for travelers who prefer executive and deluxe rooms. Each room has a minimum 50-sqm size and ideal for three persons and above.

Where to Dine

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If you are staying at the Jen Hotel and do not want to go far to dine, there are drinks, snacks, and breakfast offered at the Club Lounge. The lounge serves a wide range of sumptuous food, from local Malay dishes to Western and Asian cuisines.

There are cafes such as the DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe, Starbucks Coffee, Sambal and Sauce and the Brussels Beer Café. For those who want to savor local foods, try dining at the Oldtown White Coffee on the lower ground floor.

There are also restaurants located outside the theme park. When you are craving for some Indian cuisine, head to the Spice Grill at the ground floor of the Little Red Cube or the Olive Kitchen + Bar at the lower ground floor.

For visitors who cannot get enough of Hello Kitty, the best restaurant to go to is the Red Bow Cafe. It is the only special themed coffee in Puteri Harbour.

Do note that all transactions inside the theme park accept Malaysian Ringgit as payment, so don’t forget to exchange your money in the local currency.

Where to Go Next

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Just a short walk and you will reach the Legoland Malaysia, the first international theme park in the country. The park just opened their Ninjago The Ride, the first ever cutting-edge 4D indoor ride in Asia.

The Puteri Harbour is also in close proximity to the Mall of Medini. It is just a three-minute walk from the Legoland. You can find a variety of shops as well as souvenir stores inside the mall. It is where you can find many local foods at an affordable price.

Can’t wait to visit this majestic theme park? Your kids will surely not forget this once in a lifetime adventure with their favorite cartoon characters! Buy your tickets now and have a chance of a lifetime to visit the interactive world of Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and Thomas Town.

The Puteri Harbour is open from Monday to Sunday, 10 am to 6 pm. Check out the website for the latest news and promos!

Nice Food in Kota Kinabalu: 5 Dishes You Have to Try During Your Visit


Sabah is known for being close to nature. This state in Malaysia has many of the must-see national parks, forest reserve, and pristine waters. Visiting its capital city, Kota Kinabalu, will bring you close to the best attractions in the entire state. Because of the diversions and natural resources, it comes as no surprise that you will find a lot of healthy and excellent food in Kota Kinabalu. The food in the capital city is truly Southeast Asian. If you are planning to visit Sabah or Kota Kinabalu in particular, here are some of the local dishes you should not dare miss:noodles_SangNyukMien2

  1. Sang Nyuk Mian

The first on the list is nothing but the signature food of the city. Also called as the Sabah Pork noodle, this meal is eaten by serving the thinly sliced pork on top of the noodle. Although it literally means raw pork noodle, they will not serve you raw meat. It just means that the meat is freshly served to you. You can even find Chinese coffee shops that let you taste Sang Nyuk Mian the Chinese style. They will serve you a bowl of noodles and a separate bowl of pork broth that has pork slices and liver. You can also request for vegetables if you want a healthier meal.Chilli-crab

  1. Chilli crabs

For those who are not huge fans of meat, you can find lots of restaurants offering fresh seafood all over the city. After all, your travel to Sabah will not be complete without tasting their seafood. The good thing about their seafood is that they are decently priced. There is a variety of seafood dishes to try, like the huge buttered prawns and calamari but nothing beats the crab in Sabah. This dish will satisfy even those who are on a tight budget because they are big yet cheap. At night, you can find street stalls selling grilled seafood.


  1. Ngau Chap

Just like the Sang Nyuk Mian, Ngau Chap (or Ngiu Chap) is a serving of noodles topped with meat. But instead of pork, the Sabahans will serve you beef mixed with organs like tendon, liver, and heart. This hearty meal is usually served in thick broth and can be topped with chunks of radish.malaysian-laksa-78650-1

  1. Laksa

This dish is very popular not just in Malaysia but also in its neighboring Asian countries. Laksa is food resulted from the combination of Malay, Indian, and Chinese cultures. Do not be surprised to see Sabahans eating laksa for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Almost everyone eats this meal. This flavorful dish is a concoction of rice noodles, laksa leaves, coconut, lemongrass, all served in spicy broth. If you prefer something tastier, you can add more curry. You can also add some beef balls and tripe. It is best eaten when topped with herbs like green onions and cilantro.vegan-coconut-pudding-2

  1. Coconut Pudding

Because of its tropical climate, it’s normal to see an abundance of coconut trees all over Kota Kinabalu. It comes as no surprise that coconut is a favorite ingredient not just in the city but in Malaysia itself. So for the best dessert, we will not go far; but instead suggest what is ample in the country: coconuts! This dessert is done by boiling the coconut water from the young coconut and adding some agar powder into it. There are already variations in the preparation of this dessert, but it is mostly served in the open coconut itself.

Tasty is one word that best describes Kota Kinabalu’s cuisine. Sabahans are fond of eating noodles that are great as comfort foods. They also have flavorful meat and seafood that will whet anyone’s appetite. As you may have noticed, Sabahan food is rich in herbs and spices. While they serve meat, they keep it healthy by adding some herbs or vegetables in the dish. When you are in Kota Kinabalu, go ahead and try these dishes!

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for a Boarding School in Malaysia


Sending your child to a boarding school is a tough decision to make, especially if it is the first time. It can be pretty challenging to help kids thrive in a new environment with a bunch of strangers. But if you are decided to enroll your child in a boarding school, here are some things to consider to give him the best schooling experience:  Crawfurd-House_0

  1. Academic offerings

You can find a boarding school in Malaysia that offers international curriculum. The Prince of Wales Island International School is one of the schools that offers boarding education to their students. A quality education based on the Western syllabus, combined with a safe learning environment, guarantees the best education possible.

  1. Location

If you live in a town where it takes an hour of driving before you get to anything, it will be practical to send your child to a boarding school. At least find a boarding school that is not miles away from home. This way you will not have a hard time giving your child quick visits.

  1. Kinds of extracurricular activities

The wide range of extracurricular activities is one reason why it is best to send your child to boarding school. See if the school offers the kinds of activities your child will enjoy.

  1. Boarding accommodation

Are the facilities well-rounded enough to make your child comfortable during his stay? It matters that the place is spacious enough to accommodate every student. Check if the boarding school has separate buildings for boys and girls, has a quiet work area, and has spacious facilities like the laundry room and pantry.

  1. Terms

The school should have flexible terms for their students.  It is important to bond with your kids during the weekends, after a week-long separation. Choose a school that allows your child to return every Friday.shutterstock_89195359

When your child is physically and emotionally ready to join a boarding school, help him find an amazing place to stay. If you still have not found the right boarding school for your child, consider the tips mentioned above. Otherwise, inquire in a boarding school and help your child learn independence and camaraderie!