Do You Need Certification to Handle a Forklift?

No matter how many years of forklift experience a person may already have, forklift certification is still necessary. Having to apply and test for certification is the only means by which the industries who require the use of forklifts can maintain safety standards.

For business owners who find themselves in need of a forklift operator or more, the hiring process becomes simpler. Knowing that applicants with forklift certification have met minimum operating standards, business owners can expect a base level of forklift competence. Any additional forklift knowledge or techniques can then be taught on the job.

To become certified to use a forklift, a test will be administered. The applicant will be given a brief overview and course in equipment safety and use. Then, the applicant will be asked to demonstrate those skills just learned during the hands on portion of the test. If all requirements are met or surpassed, forklift certification will be awarded.

When searching for employment, forklift operators should consider searching for a certification program that also offers use of a reach truck and a pallet truck. Future employment may or may not require the use of these trucks, but such knowledge can set applicants apart from the rest of the field.

Forklift Training Certificate

Forklift Training Certificate


Forklift licence for qualified forklift driver

Forklift licence for qualified forklift driver


Forklift certification will require a fee which covers the costs associated with the course, test and administration. If for any reason, certification is not achieved, re-testing may be allowed or the course may offered a second time at no cost or discount.

Business owners who manage their own forklift equipment and hiring of forklift operators are responsible not only for the upkeep of the equipment, but also the safety of both the operators and gear.

No matter what type of equipment each businesses operates, MSS Forklift Malaysia has been successfully supplying, repairing and reconditioning forklift parts, used forklifts and new forklifts. Just as the industry maintains standards for forklift operators, MSS Forklift Malaysia maintains forklift standards in any equipment sold, rented or reconditioned.

Applying and being awarded forklift certification assures potential employers that applicants have met minimum forklift safety and use standards. Forklift operators who are certified can then set themselves apart from the rest of the field and improve their chances of gainful employment.

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