3 Skills to Grasp and Make it as a Big Data Analyst

statistics job in Malaysia

Are you gunning for success as a big data analyst (BDA), specifically in Malaysia? The country is one of the few in Southeast Asia that has developed a big national data analysis framework.

As such, big data interpretation comprises an enormous market for professionals seeking statistics jobs in Malaysia. Big data analysis may be a role for the extremely analytical mind, but what skills do you need to start a successful career in the BDA statistics specialty?


Here are some fundamentals:

  1. Quantitative Skills

As a big data analyst for a top retailer or bank in Malaysia, you’ll be required to scrutinize massive chunks of data to unearth concealed insights like patterns, trends, and correlations. And to do your job well, you’ll require excellent quantitative skills.

Prowess in multivariable calculus and matrix algebra will come in handy too. The statistical concept of probability is vital to grasp as well.

  1. Computer Programming Knowledge

When you know how to code, you have an extra arsenal as a big data analyst. Certain big data analysis tasks require implementation of statistical formulas that only a computer program can process quickly and accurately.

So, when you can program your mathematical algorithms in languages such as Python, C++, or even Java, cracking hidden information in huge data sets becomes easier. Not all successful big data statisticians are programmers, though.

  1. Knowledge in Business Environment

It would be pointless to analyze data unless you can apply resultant interpretations to a relevant business environment. That’s why a big data analyst should possess a concrete grasp of the enterprise domain in which they operate. As such, the expert is in a great position to pinpoint relevant opportunities as well as threats depending on their business expertise.


Malaysia is spearheading big data analytics in the Southeast Asia region in a big way. This paves the way for the creation of numerous lucrative opportunities to get a statistics job in Malaysia.

You can make it in this particular field of statistics if you have strong quantitative and programming skills along with a perfect grasp of your business domain of operation.