5 Brilliant Financial Tips And Advice  For Young Millennials And Startup Entrepreneurs

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Although personal finance is not a mandatory course to pursue in college, it does play a huge role in people hoping to become money conscious early. It also empowers people to become successful entrepreneurs determined to change the world. Coping with life without the knowledge of managing cash well can be extremely challenging. That’s why a person should learn a few things to keep and grow their money more.

Below are five excellent financial tips young millennials and entrepreneurs need to know to become money conscious and live a beautiful and prosperous, meaningful life.1

  1. A person’s worth and purpose is a big factor. To have a grip on managing money, a person must first figure out what they want to do in life. A simple way to do this is by evaluating a person’s talents and natural abilities. This gives someone a clear perspective on the areas they can easily excel and which ones they can struggle to fulfill. Every person should choose a career that allows them to maximize their potential in such a way that rewards them and also helps others. It’s normal for a person’s career to change along with their desires, but it’s important to gravitate toward that path where one feels more like home.2
  2. Understanding money value is important. Even though an abundance of cash can’t buy someone happiness, it can by far make them comfortable. One simply have to understand what’s worth before running to buy an item, while knowing very well they are pressed for money.

The most effective way to get around this issue is by determining why such an item is important. They should also substantiate how such an item would change their lives in the long term. After analyzing this observation, it would be hard for someone to buy an item impulsively without making a clear-cut decision first.3

  1. Where does the money go? It’s important for people to make sure their expenses or expenditure don’t exceed their income. Arranging a budget can help people easily overcome this problem, as it can help track a person’s monthly expenses and match it along with their earnings. This would otherwise provide people room to adjust their monthly expenses, hence save them big bucks in the long run.4
  2. An emergency fund can mean a lot. There’s a famous adage in the financial mainstream that says, “Pay yourself first.” This is doubly true because a person should pay themselves first from their salary despite their loans, credit card debt and so on. And keeping an emergency fund aside for use on pressing situations is the most effective way to get around this particular problem.

The money can also be saved for use on a rainy day to spend after retirement, on vacation, and even build a home. Putting such money in a high-interest online savings account, money market account, or a certificate of deposit will protect such savings from unexpected inflation.5

  1. Saving for retirement early is a no-brainer. Every worker should start preparing for their retirement benefits in advance and early. The sooner a person starts saving, the more likely their high-interest savings account will yield more interest. After retirement, a person will have all the money to travel and splurge on all the glamorous beauty around the world.

Company-sponsored retirement plans, like a UK pension review service, offers the best option a person can choose to yield more cash in pre-tax dollars. This also gives them an opportunity to make unlimited contributions to their retirement plan seamlessly.


In summary, managing money is among the most vital skills every person should learn when they are young. People who are adept in such skills find it easy to cope with everyday reality, even when one is nearing a financial meltdown. Such people are also able to easily seize any lucrative opportunity that lurks within since they already have all the necessary resources required beforehand. For those who wish to live a glamorous life without any regrets, follow the handy tips shared in this financial guide. Every person’s world should keep shining brighter and also grow healthy financially every day!

How to Travel in Absolute Luxury Without Loyalty Programs

Delaire Graff Estate (237E)

Most people around the world usually confuse luxurious travel to excessive spending. Because of this, they needlessly subscribe to different loyalty programs in order to travel luxuriously to their dream travel destination. What they don’t realise is they can do it as well without actually spending a fortune in the process. If you are an OCBC credit card holder, you can make your dream trip come true without subscribing to loyalty programs. One of the benefits of premier bank Mastercards is you can convert your accumulated credit card reward points to airline miles.

Simple Life Hacks to Make Your Travel Luxurious

If you want to travel in absolute luxury but you don’t want to spend cash to shoulder both the airline tickets and pocket money, you can use your OCBC MasterCard credit card to reach your favourite travel destinations. Here are some other things that you can do to make sure that you travel in absolute luxury using only your credit card reward points:18uloxcegkeaqjpg

  • Use your credit card often. You don’t need to actually use your credit card to purchase an airline ticket to go to your intended destination. Just use your credit card on your regular purchases frequently and let it earn reward points. Other credit card companies would usually tell you to wait for two to three weeks to redeem your credit card reward points. This results in not being able to book your travel on your desired date. However, you don’t need to go through that hassle in OCBC. The points that you earn using your credit card can be used to redeem flights on all airlines through the use of their “Voyage Miles” via their Voyage Exchange concierge service.early-booking-deals
  • Early booking. Booking your flight and hotel accommodation early will definitely help you save some money and avoid trouble. Booking your accommodation and flight tickets two to three months ahead of your intended travel date is usually cheaper, thus saving you money in the process.
  • Package promo/deals. If you like to travel frequently, searching for promo deals will help you get a safe and luxurious trip. You don’t have to worry about the tiny details about your holiday trip because the companies that offer these promo tours will take care of it for you. All you have to do on that date is to relax and enjoy what’s in store for you.proactivity
  • Be proactive. Some hotels offer their guests an opportunity to upgrade their rooms (for a small amount of money, of course). For those who like to travel to exotic places, such as the Maldives, you can use this chance to get a room near a spectacular view. Make sure that you do this ahead of your arrival schedule in order to avoid hassle once you get there.

Luxurious travel should never be complicated and expensive. In fact, it should only be a reward to yourself and not a burden. The whole point of using credit card reward points is to reward yourself for your frequent use of your plastic card. By using your OCBC credit card reward points and doing the above-mentioned tips, you can surely experience relaxing and lavish travel during your holiday trip. Just make sure that you plan your travel ahead in order to maximise your reward points.

Credit Card Thumb

Applying for Credit Cards: Rules & Regulations

When you want to apply for a new credit card, you will need to follow a few simple rules. At the same time, the bank will also need to avoid running afoul of laws and rules. With this in mind, here are four rules and regulations concerning credit card applications.

Credit score: When you want to obtain a new credit card, you will need to prove your worthiness. One simple way to do so is to have a high credit score. For this reason, when you look for a new line of credit, a bank or lending institution will run your credit report. When doing so, a creditor will try to find your payment history and current status with other creditors. If you are in good standing and have a decent score, you will not have any issue in obtaining a card. 





Income: While it’s crucial to look at your credit score, a bank will also want to know how much money you earn. While people often stretch the truth, it’s wise to offer a true picture of your income as you will end up in trouble if you lie. Luckily, if you earn a decent living and have an average credit score, you won’t struggle to qualify for a new credit card. 


Credit Card Infographic
Provide all the necessary information: When filling out a credit card application, the company will ask for plenty of information. As mentioned, you will need to provide proof of your income as the creditor will want to know if you can pay off the cards. At the same time, you will need to give your address and other contact information. With this, a lender can contact you if issues arise. 

Interest rates and fees: Now, when you want to find a credit card for your needs, you will probably search for a long time. Once you find the right card, you can relax as a bank will give you a list of terms and conditions. Meaning, when you apply for credit cards in Malaysia, you will know the interest rate and any applicable annual fees. This is important for a consumer who doesn’t want to overpay on his or her credit card. Remember, read the fine print and you can avoid overpaying. 

When looking for a credit card, remember to understand the rules and regulations. If you do, you won’t fall victim to any common problems.