Solid Investing Principles Every Singapore Real Estate Buyer Should Know


Investing in real estate has the potential to multiply initial capital fast. However, it can also empty your coffers at the same rate. A good example of a double-edge market is Singapore’s real estate. There are a plethora of real estate investment opportunities, but not all of them have a promising future. Be a smarter and safer investor by using these five tested and proven investment principles.

Plan Your Financial Objectives 

Before you buy your first house for sale in Singapore, or even do your initial research and analysis, clearly define expectations from your investments. What financial objectives do you have? And over what time frame do you expect to achieve them? Be aware of the “time vs money” idea, which means the more you have of one, the less you need of the other. Take time to understand your goals and if they are realistic, attainable, and appropriate to your particular situation.

Learn The Trade

You don’t necessarily need formal education when learning the skills for investing in real estate. However, this doesn’t mean you should just rush into it head first. Spend time and, if needed, money for books and seminars that teach you about real estate investing. Make sure it is relevant to Singapore’s real estate market and the current housing regulations enforced within the country. Outdated or surface-level information will do little to help you in your investing endeavors.

Have An Exit Strategy 

In fact, for some seasoned investors, an exit strategy is more important than where you enter. If you can control where you exit, you’ll be able to mitigate large losses and let profits run. A basic exit strategy for investing in real estate or in any other artificial market is when fundamentals suddenly shift. This could be signaled by a change in government policy or unfolding geopolitical turmoil.

Start Small 

A basic rental property is a good initial starting point for inexperienced real estate investors. Don’t try to snag large apartment complexes and condominium units for their prized potential resale value or appealing monthly tenant payments. Using up all your available capital on one property can bind you from making other better opportunities that come along.

Work With The Right People 

Like investing in stocks or commodities, investing in real estate also requires you to work with a middleman who will be processing your orders and making sure all legal aspects of the transaction are followed. Take the time to look for an experienced and licensed property agent in Singapore who knows the ins and outs of the market better than anyone does. Different property agents will have varying service fees and portfolio of properties they can offer you, so compare at least 2 to 3 property agents before deciding which one you are most comfortable working with.

Practice these five investing principles until it becomes second nature. Combined, these principles can help you find the most lucrative investment opportunities and maximize potential profits. They may not always work, but like any other speculative venture, they give you a higher probability of making money over time.

Top Things to Think About Before Buying Property in Singapore 


If you are thinking about buying real estate in Singapore, you are not alone. Whether you are relocating into the area or you have lived in Singapore your entire life, the rising cost of rental rates in Singapore is among the top reasons why many choose to buy rather than rent space. While it can be financially beneficial for you to purchase a property, it is important to carefully review a few points before you make your final decision about moving forward with your home search.


Can You Afford to Buy Property?

First, you need to think about your financial situation. To buy property in Singapore, you will need money for a down payment and closing costs. In addition, you will need to pay for any moving fees associated with relocating your belongings to your new home. Finally, you will need to consider how affordable your home loan payment needs to be. By spending time reviewing each of these important factors, you can more easily determine if you can afford to buy property in Singapore.



Will Your Housing Needs Change in the Near Future?

When you rent a space in Singapore, you can easily upgrade or downsize after your lease expires. You are not locked into the property for more than a few months or perhaps a year or two at the longest. When you purchase a home, you will need to take more considerable steps to relocate. For example, you would need to prepare your home to sell, list it for sale and wait for a buyer to make an offer. It is always possible to sell a home to upgrade or downsize as needed, but there is generally more time, effort and cost associated with this when you own your property. Because of this, you want to ensure that the home that you purchase will meet your current and future needs.


What Type of Home Do You Want to Buy?

A final factor to think about about is what type of home you want to purchase. First, think about if you want to purchase a new home or a re-sale home. Then, consider if you prefer a condo, a flat or even a single family home. Each will have its benefits and drawbacks. For example, a new development unit may have minimal repair costs in the first few years, but it is generally more expensive per square foot than a re-sale property will be.


Buying a new home in Singapore is a major and even life-changing step to take. The property that you choose to purchase may be owned by you for several years or even decades. It will impact your lifestyle, finances and overall comfort level. Because of this, you want to ensure that you are ready to make a purchase and that you make the best decision about which home to buy. You can work with a property agent and home loan specialist to learn more about the options for financing and available properties.


Buying Your First Home: 5 Tips You Can Benefit From

It is considered as everyone’s dream to own a home. From a very tender age, we are taught that home ownership should be considered as a priority and something that we should shoot for. With this in mind, many of the homebuyers of today are making the plunge for the very first time. They may be somewhat overwhelmed at first, especially since it will be the largest purchase they ever make. The interesting part about it is that this home will probably only be the first of many.


Know your limits

When it comes to buying a house, there are certain things that the new homebuyer may not be aware of, which is why it helps to learn as much as you can about the process. There are seminars that are offered specifically for this purpose and most new homebuyers will admit that the information they achieve about financing can be quite helpful. They also receive valuable pointers on mortgage payments as it applies to a monthly budget.


Understanding the budget

As you consider any new piece of real estate (go StarProperty now!), you are getting ready to add to your portfolio, it helps to get the big picture. Clearly, if you were not in the habit of working with a budget in the past, you will need to start now. You should be especially considerate as you differentiate between what you want to buy and what you actually need. Additionally, you should remember that mortgage companies are providing you with a service so do not be afraid to shop around for a better deal.



First-time homebuyer tips: Things to know when buying your first home


Available benefits

First-time buyers have a few tricks up their sleeve, some they may not even be aware of like tax credits to encourage home ownership. There are programs that offer assistance to people who have never purchased a home before and are looking forward to owning their piece of real estate. One important benefit that many homebuyers fail to take advantage of is to get themselves pre-approved before they begin the shopping experience.


Choose wisely

The first time you buy a house is always the toughest, so rather than allowing yourself to endure all that stress by yourself, make certain you get the right agent. Do not assume that all agents are the same, because you will quickly discover that some agents specialize in certain kinds of realty. Additionally, with the right agent in your corner, the big answers to common questions will be answered. The experienced agents tend to steer their clients away from properties that they cannot afford.


First home infographic



The curtain call

Once the determination has been made as far as the house you want, the race will be on to close on it. Do not allow yourself to be rushed into signing, especially if important factors like a home inspection have not been carried out by a qualified inspector. The last thing on the agenda is the signing of the documents. The closing process does not have to be stressful and with an experienced friend at your side, it will not be.


Temporary Housing Guide: Seeking a Service Apartment

Temporary housing is housing that is used for a short period of time. People seek out temporary housing for a wide variety of reasons. Some people find they need temporary housing while looking for a permanent place to live in the local area. Others want temporary housing because they are on assignment for their work and will be in a given area for a few weeks. Still others look for temporary housing because they want to visit a specific region but prefer to avoid living in a hotel.

In all instances, a service apartment can be an ideal solution. These types of apartments on Propwall allow people to reside in a space while still enjoying room service and other amenities as well as access to local area conveniences. When looking for these types of apartments, it is important to keep several factors in mind. These factors include the exact kind of housing desired, the number of rooms wanted and the need for closeness to a specific area.

interior designIn many instances, the person seeking out this type of housing is traveling alone. As a result, security is often a high priority. Security means that the person living in the space need not fear any type of physical assault nor worry that their property will be stolen. In many instances, temporary housing can provide excellent security. Residents are often given their own door key and must pay through many layers of security personnel before they can enter their domicile.

Another important consideration when renting this type of housing is the kind of housing desired. Temporary housing typically consists of two rooms. In many instances, this will be sufficient for the user’s needs. Under other circumstances, the person may need more space in order to accommodate the needs of various family members. Many places can provide larger temporary housing units, often with multiple bedrooms. This can be ideal if the person is there with their family or finds themselves needing to entertain various guests during the course of their stay.

Temporary housing also often has pleasant amenities. In many instances, this will include the use of an onsite gym as well as access to other amenities such as concierge service and a pool.

It is best to take the time to investigate the types of housing available to you before you begin. This will allow you to find the right housing for your needs.


The Scotts Tower

Great SOHO Locations in Singapore for Young Professionals

The Bugis area in Singapore has quickly drawn young socialites, investment bankers and other affluent professionals to the area. The sophisticated way of life in the Bugis area is a major draw for young professionals who want to live it up. Singapore is renowned for its luxurious lifestyle. A thriving art scene, couture boutiques and excellent eateries also make the Bugis area worth exploring as a place to live.

Virtually any type of condo living arrangement is available in Bugis. Whether you want to live in a sophisticated high-rise condo building or would like to live in a residential elegant townhouse, you can find an option that is right for you. As you learn more about Bugis and all that it has to offer, here are some of the best SOHO apartments you may want to consider.


1. DUO Residences in Bugis Area

The DUO complex is a top-rated complex in the Bugis area. The building is one of the most prestigious structures throughout Singapore. Each modern unit offers a breathtaking view of the city. The building also contains a 5-star hotel, restaurants and boutiques. If you are looking for a condo that has an ultra-modern style, this is likely one of your best options in Singapore. This amazing Singapore CBD commercial property also has numerous amenities to offer residents (see Duo modern condo new launch). Some of the luxurious amenities include a sun deck, sky pool, Jacuzzi, patio gym and aqua gym equipment. A total of four pools are located in the DUO complex.

Duo Residences Designed by Internationally Renowned Architect, Buro Ole Scheeren





2. The Scotts Tower

The Scotts Tower is another popular SOHO building in Singapore. What makes this space incredible is its ability to offer a balanced lifestyle. The building features WiFi pods that can be rented to meet with clients. Also, each unit contains customizable space that clients can design to their satisfaction. The highly functional spaces will appeal to those who have a busy work schedule and are always on the go.


The Scotts Tower




3. Hamilton Scotts Apartments

For those young professionals who have a beloved sports car or two, the Hamilton Scotts apartment complex may offer an appealing unique solution to the parking problem. In most hotel complexes, a luxury sports car owner is forced to store a vehicle in an underground garage space. Owners frequently feel concerned about leaving a car in an underground garage space, even if security guards watch over the space. In the Hamilton Scotts complex, owners can store their sports cars directly within their high-rise unit. The complex utilizes an innovative elevator service to provide residents with en suite sky garages. The sky garages allow residents to put their vehicles on display and also feel more secure about the safety of their vehicles. A total of 54 penthouse suites are available in the complex.





The Hamilton Scotts ‘Sky Garage Apartments’, Scotts Road.




If you are looking to embrace a sophisticated way of life, you may want to consider moving into one of these high-rise buildings. Each high-rise building has something unique to offer a young professional. Whether you care about fitness, life balance or your sports cars, you can find the optimal living situation in Singapore.