5 Perks of Living in a Boarding School in Malaysia

Being able to sleep and study in one vicinity is one of the major perks of boarding school in Malaysia. It’s more convenient and provides more access to boarding facilities that not all students can have.

If you are planning to send your child to boarding school or you are a student who wants to experience the world of independence from your parents, then here are the things you can expect:


  1. Better Interactions Between Students and Teachers

Boarding promotes close interaction and builds friendship between children and adults. It creates a community with camaraderie among people with different personalities.

  1. Learning All Day

Boarding school in Malaysia serves as an educational immersion. Learning is individualized and central. You will be surrounded by peer groups that have the same interests as you. Teams may be composed of artists, academic scholars, athletes, and more. There are many opportunities for you to engage in various fields.


3. Preparation for Higher Studies

Boarding school in Malaysia reflects the kind of life you will be experiencing in a university. You will be prepared physically and emotionally to live your college life. Being in college requires you to be more concentrated on your studies because it is a critical path towards your future career. Boarding school, therefore, is your stepping stone to make your college life productive.

  1. Access to More Facilities

Boarding schools in Malaysia have state-of-the-art facilities. Everything is highly modern and excellent. Aside from the stylish rooms and equipment, board schoolers will feel safe because the rooms are tightly secured with keypad access.


  1. Experience in Independence

Though independence may be challenging during your first days in a boarding school, it may eventually be considered as one of the perks of being a board school student. Being on your own, without any of your parents’ intervention, might make you feel scared because you have full responsibility for yourself. But once you get the hang of it, you will love how you can manage to live life every day while making decisions of your own.

When you are in a boarding school in Malaysia, you will not just study in your convenience, but you will also get personal growth. It is the kind of environment that is conducive to learning. Though there are challenges in your initial days, there are abundant of opportunities waiting for you as a board schooler.

5 Tips for Students Keen to Take On Law Studies

Interested in studying law? The study of law is a noble profession.

As a qualified legal professional:

  • You can come to the aid of your fellowman
  • You can be a voice for those who have none
  • You can be a powerful influence for the powerless

Above all, you can uphold the basic legal and civil rights of people whose rights have been trampled upon.

determined for law study

But you won’t have those privileges until you learn to study law and apply what you learn in practical legal settings. In order to study for the noble profession of law you will need to understand the basics of law, so you can, as many students who successfully complete their courses, with A level qualifications, which, if you further build upon, can take you to even higher levels in the Legal Profession.

What are some of the things you can expect when you study the subject of law? What will be required? How much can you expect to get out of? There are five basic factors, or study tips to keep in mind when you are preparing for the Study of Law.

STEP 1: You Will Only Get as Much Out of What You Study as You Put Into It

The legal profession, as you will see, is not one to take lightly; it will involve a lot a hard study and a determination to succeed. Many students, on embarking on the above profession, have been to see that more is involved than they previously had realised, but nonetheless, once they saw what was involved, they carried on the course to its completion. Hopefully, that will true of you, too.

study smart for law

STEP 2: Take Your Studies Seriously

This profession requires persons who are serious-minded, responsible and mature; after all, the legal profession needs responsible, competent people who will be able to represent their clients in a sober-minded and proficient manner. And in order to do that, you have to be serious about the career you are embarking on first. It will involve a lot of studying, which means reading a lot of books and denying yourself of the joys of life somewhat, but isn’t that what self-discipline is all about?


STEP 3: Get Plenty Of RestSleep well for law study

With this type of profession, that is exactly what you are going to need: a lot of rest. This will be especially true when you’re preparing for tests. Many of these tests require using one’s cognitive skills, or the ability to think logically. Do you think you will be able to do that after a night of constant frivolity?


STEP 4: Be Determined

The key to success to any worthwhile endeavor is determination; how do you think many lawyers became what they have become? They started out like you: a basic student, they took their studies seriously, graduated with A levels, and soared to greater heights, and the same can happen for you-if you’re truly determined to reach your goal.

STEP 5: Be a Winner

And that, you will be; always remember: winners never quit, and quitters never win, so if you want to be a voice to the voiceless, a champion to the defenseless and a spokesperson for the disenfranchised, by all means take your law studies seriously. You’ll never regret it.

successful by studying law


5 Tips To Prepare Your Child For Their First Day Of School

When it is time for your child to go to nursery school or kindergarten, it is important that you prepare them properly. Getting into the best kindergarten in Kuala Lumpur is the first step. Next, there are a few steps that you can take to ensure an easy transition into school.





Get Your Child Used to Being Away From You

If you are a stay at home parent, and your child has never been to a formal daycare, it can be difficult for them to be separated from you for several hours a day while they are at school. A month or two before school starts, it is a good idea to send your child to stay with a friend or relative who you trust for the day. This can get your child used to being apart from you and it will reduce the risk of them suffering from separation anxiety.



Align Your Child’s Schedule With That of the School

The summer before your child starts school, you should inquire about the nap schedule. You should find out what time the children take their naps, and if there is even a nap time. If there is, it is a good idea to change your child’s schedule to match that of the school. If they do not have a nap time, it is a good idea to start phasing your child’s naps slowly during the summer. If your child is tired and cranky, they will not be able to take advantage of the full experience of school.



Be Sure that Your Child is Fully Potty Trained

If your child is not fully potty trained by the time school starts, it can put a lot of extra work on the teachers as well as additional stress on your child. Beginning the summer before school starts, it is important to get more focused on their training if they are still struggling. You want to be sure that your child is fully prepared for the first day of school.




Walk By the School During Recess

Before the school year ends, take your child for a walk by the school so that he can see the children playing outside. If your child sees that school can be fun, he will be less resistant when it comes time for his first day.



Meet Your Child’s Teacher and Tour the School

Children feel less anxiety about situations when they know what to expect. This is very important when it comes time to start school. Many schools will have an open house night, where parents and their children can attend to see the school and meet their teacher. If your child’s school has an open house night, you should go, regardless of your busy schedule. If they do not have an open house night, you should contact the school to see if you can set up a meeting with the teacher and a quick tour.

Your child’s first day of school is a huge milestone in their life as well as in yours. The best way to make the transition to school a positive one, you should be well prepared.



How Long Does It Take To Get a Law Degree?

When looking to get a law degree, it’s easy to give up and think about other options as it can take a while. While true, once a person graduates with a degree in law, they can go on to make a lot of money and change the world. With this in mind, here is a short guide explaining how long it can take to get a law degree.

Depending on the program: Now, when going to school, one can go to a decent school or a bad one. When going to a decent one, it’s possible to finish in a few years. For this reason, a smart student should consider a law degree with Brickfields Asia College. Then, he or she can graduate in a few short years. On the other hand, when going into a bad school, a student will take longer.

The drive of the student: Without a doubt, if a student has the drive, he or she can finish on time. But, this truly depends on the student as it’s also easy to falter and miss out on chances to study. For this reason, a hardworking and dedicated individual can usually finish on time or early. But, a lazy or unmotivated person will take longer and can end up in law school for five years or longer.

Other obligations: Finally, when looking at the situation, one will do better if they don’t have other obligations. For starters, a student with a family will take longer than a single male or female. However, a person with a job will do worse than everyone as he or she will only have so much time to study. Either way, when looking at this, one can determine how long it will take to finish this task. In fact, without a doubt, this is the number one indicator to see how long one will take as it’s nearly impossible to finish early or on time when one has to go to work during the day or evening as they won’t have time to study.

Law school is a time-consuming and difficult process for most people. While true, when going at it with an open mind, a person can learn a lot. Not only that, when minimizing work and other activities, one can finish on time and get out into the world. Remember, either way, it’s a long journey for most people.


3 Tips for Taking SAT Prep Courses in Singapore

The SATs have been one of the biggest determining factors of potential performance for high-school students entering college since they arose in 1926. While the tests have changed over the years, mostly recently in 2005, the series of questions covering a variety of subjects is still perhaps the best gauge of knowledge, and it is undoubtedly the biggest test of a student’s K-12 life.

Luckily, the current test—subject to change in 2016—has been on the books for nearly a decade, so there are numerous prep courses one can take in order to become more familiar with the style, format, and the time constraints of the test.

How to Choose the Right SAT Prep

1: Choose an Accurate Model

SAT prep courses are a dime a dozen; you can find hundreds of different online courses claiming to help you prepare for the big test. But many are simply refresher courses for math, literature, logic, and other odds and ends. They stand as basic brain tune-ups and aren’t timed, nor do they accurately represent the subject matter you will find on the real SATs. Dig a little deeper when searching for a course and find an actual pre-SAT course rather than just a general knowledge hodgepodge that claims to help.


2: Look for Actual Atmosphere

Aside from an accurate feeler test, you should also endeavor to dive into the real atmosphere of the SATs. Search out a course that imposes a time limit on you, preferably one that is shorter than the three-hour forty-five-minute actual SATs. This allows you to adapt to the pressure before actually spending an afternoon taking the real test.


3: Go With a High Rating

Lastly, use the social aspect of the Internet to your advantage for something other than memes. Information is floating around about highly-rated courses, like the type you will find if you visit SAT Zone Singapore and other similar high-rated programs. These services go beyond simply giving you a practice test and actually work to tutor and train you to not only pass the test but to exceed your own expectations by leaps and bounds.

Just like practicing a sport before a match helps the team compete, training yourself to take the SATs will give you a much better chance of actually scoring well. This isn’t just any test; those looking to earn placement in the college of their choice need to do very well. Don’t leave anything to chance. Locate a prep course and use it to your utmost advantage.


Singapore Premier SAT Course

Singapore Premier SAT Course