How To Keep Your Child Entertained Without Even Trying

“Mummy, I’m bored! There’s nothing to do!” As your child ages and becomes physically and mentally more independent, expect to hear this complaint. In fact, expect to hear it a lot as your child transforms from a tot into a teenager. And it should be noted that your child isn’t saying that he or she can’t find anything to do. Children are creative and resourceful, and can find any number of ways to occupy their free time. However, you, your neighbours, and their teachers may not appreciate the results. The trick is to find outlets for your child’s immense energy, enthusiasm, and curiosity that will create interests and habits that last a lifetime. And the earlier a parent can help set them on these paths, the better. Studies have shown that children with hobbies and interests outside of academic pursuits do better overall socially and with schoolwork. They can even lead to future meaningful careers. This is why schools incorporate free play and creative time into daily schedules, and encourage older children to join school-sponsored clubs and teams.

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Obama proposes a $10 billion “Zero to Five” early childhood education plan that would expand access to Early Head Start, preschool, and child-care services. Would establish an early learning council to coordinate federal and state early childhood education programs.
McCain proposes better coordination among federal early childhood programs. Wants to create “Centers for Excellence” in Head Start that will promote best practices and improve regional coordination of early childhood education. Says there should be measurable standards for school readiness and improve pay of instructors. Parental involvement will be emphasized.

This starts early. And Kuala Lumpur offers more than thirty day care centres and kindergartens within its limits. The best kindergartens in KL can be found on Accepting students from eighteen months to six years, the schools generally uses a range of techniques to help children thrive intellectually, physically, and socially. But even the best kindergarten in KL can’t be responsible for your child’s creative, physical, and social development around the clock. Parents must step up and take some responsibility here, too. The good news is that it’s possible for busy adults to find fun activities for kids that everyone involved will enjoy.

We are fortunate to live in a country that has an embarrassment of cultural and natural riches. As it happens, children are very interested in both animals and the arts. Tiger wrangling isn’t a good idea, and opera is an interest that has to be nurtured. But while a younger child might not be up for a strenuous hike in one of Malaysia’s nature preserves, he or she is certainly up for a trip to Kuala Lumpur’s National Zoo, Farm in The City, and Aquaria KLCC. The mall atPutrajaya in addition to shopping offers kid-friendly climbing, jumping, and interactive and imaginative play at itsDistrict 21 theme park. And this mall’s ice rink at IceScape not only allows for a fun way to cool off while getting some exercise, the rink can be privately rented for parties and other events.

As a parent, you’ve had to remove your child’s artwork from your home’s walls. So how about allowing him or her to express that artistic talent more appropriately, under the supervision of a professional artist, no less? The Studio At KL offers month long art classes divided into age appropriate groupings for children ages 6-13. The class offers art history lessons and
technique demonstrations, while leaving plenty of time for kids to develop their own special styles.

And finally parents, you can find plenty of fun activities for kids with very little traveling or expense. Organize a nature scavenger hunt around your neighbourhood, remembering that younger children will need supervision. Help children break up old crayons, mix them in silicone ice cube trays, melt them in the oven (again with parental supervision) and create super crayons to decorate other arts and crafts projects. In the meantime, you’ve also taught lessons about colors, recycling, and kitchen safety. But whoever said learning couldn’t be fun and active?