Bathing 101: Top 6 Bathroom Essentials For Women Who Love To Shower


Are you the kind of woman who really takes the time to clean herself up, and spends a long time in the shower? If you’re meticulous about getting yourself clean and coming out of the shower feeling fresher than ever, these six bathroom essentials will surely help you:1

  1. Massaging Shower Head


What’s a better way to spend your time after a long day at work, than to have massage in the shower? A massaging shower head is better than a regular shower head as it has the added function of helping you to relax tired muscles. It also has a soothing spray setting that gently helps you clean without putting too much pressure on your head or body.2

  1. Bluetooth Shower Speaker


If you often spend a long time in the shower, make the experience more enjoyable by putting some music on. Get a Bluetooth shower speaker that’s waterproof and can play your fave playlist from your phone. The best speaker is the one that has a wireless range of at least 200 feet and over, and is compatible with iPads, iPhones, and all Android devices. 3

  1. Anti-Slip Bath Mat


Your bathroom can be a dangerous place due to its slippery floor. Prevent potential falls and slip by placing an anti-slip bath mat on the floor. Get the ones with a strong grip and sticks on the floor.4

  1. Hair Dryer


A hair dryer may come in handy, especially when you’re rushing off to work in the morning. Get a hair dryer that conserves energy and automatically shuts off when not in use after 30 minutes.5

  1. Hot and Cold Hydrotherapy Shower


Having a hot and cold hydrotherapy shower as opposed to regular shower gives you a lot of health benefits, such as stimulating toxin removal, relieving inflammation, and improving circulation.6

  1. Water Softener


A water softener is essential not only to remove pollutants contained in water, but the system also helps to extend the life of most water-based appliances. Use it along with water softening salts, which helps to take out the hardness of your water so it won’t irritate the skin or pose any discomfort while you shower.

Besides the obvious items like toothbrush or soap, the six bathroom essentials mentioned should also be included in your daily bathing ritual, as each of them serves a different purpose with different benefits. Not only does showering make you cleaner and look good, you get to enjoy how therapeutic it is.



Things to Keep in Mind before You Buy Furniture Online in Malaysia

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Furniture buying is a fun activity. You get to choose something that will enhance the beauty and comfort of your home. There are different things to consider like the material, the colour, the size and the price. All these are a must if you want to end up with the right furniture according to your needs. There are two common avenues where you can get your furniture from: online or offline. Before going ahead and purchasing one, it is best to go through this list. For those who want to buy furniture online in Malaysia, they should take note of the following:

*Read reviews before doing anything else. This always works especially for those who are not familiar with the manufacturer yet. If you are new to furniture buying, this can be easy. See if past customers achieved satisfaction with the items that they got. This will give you an idea of the kind of store you are shopping from. You’ll also have an idea of the kind of furniture that they sell.

*Get the feel of the material used. Purchasing online does not allow getting to feel the material. Since you do not get to touch and feel the material, visit your local furniture shop. From there, look for items that you want to buy online. This way you get to feel the material and the texture before purchasing online. It will be a wise purchasing approach to start with.

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*Know the real colour of the furniture. There are instances that colours may differ online compared to buying from conventional shops. Check the colour description to give you a clear picture of the furniture colour.

*Get the right measurements. The size matters since you are going to place the furniture inside your home. It has to fit the area like a glove. Get the exact measurement on the product description and see if it will fit the area where it will stand.

*Putting the pieces together. Since you are purchasing online, shipment may mean getting disassembled furniture. It will reach you in such condition, so you should know how to put it together. Read and follow instructions to assemble the furniture as it should be.

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*The price and shipping fees. See if you can afford the price of the furniture itself as well as the shipping cost. If you are fortunate enough, some stores offer free shipping on their items.

*Read through the return policy in case you want to change the furniture. You may be allowed to exchange it for another piece. Before purchasing furniture, learn the above mentioned tips to ensure that you are happy.

There are other details that you must know of to ensure that you end up with the right furniture of choice. Whether you buy offline or online, do your part as a consumer. Be wise by going the extra mile by gathering your own research.

4 Quick and Easy Shopping Tips When Looking for Dining Tables and Chairs



Some people pay a lot of attention to how their home looks. When moving into a new home or apartment, each room is planned carefully – from the paint, wallpaper, to the accessories and pieces of furniture that will go there.


The same holds true for the dining room. Often referred to as the heart of the home, this focal point will not be complete without the right dining tables and dining chairs.


Shopping for these pieces used to take days, but not any more. Online furniture shops offer a wide range of choices when it comes to dining furniture. Here are a few tricks to make shopping faster:


  1. Material


Dining tables can be as elaborate as you want them to be,wood dining tables that never go out of style. For the more adventurous, there are metal, plastic, and also tables with mixed materials. You need to decide on which one you prefer.preschool-shape-cards_54582


  1. Shape


Square, oval, or rectangle? Choosing the shape of your dining table would depend on how large the available space in your room is. The number of dining chairs will also depend on how many people are expected to sit down for meals.


  1. Price


Set aside a budget for dining furniture before you begin to shop. This way you can narrow your searches within your determined price range. You can give an allowance of a couple of hundred dollars just in case you find a style you really like that costs a bit more.


  1. Delivery Options


The reason you shopped online is because you wanted the convenience of not having to go to the actual store. Check if the site has free delivery or at least an affordable delivery rate before you start choosing pieces of furniture.


Decorating your dining area should be a fun and enjoyable experience. Shopping online will help you save time and effort.