5 Useful Tips For Recovering From Hair Transplant Surgery


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Losing your hair slowly is surely a terrible ordeal. Fortunately, through the development of technology, regaining your lost hair is now a reality. One such medical advancement is called hair transplant surgery. This particular method is used to treat male pattern baldness. It involves moving hair follicles from the donor site and implanting them to the recipient site, or the balding part of the head. If you are currently experiencing male pattern baldness, this is the perfect opportunity for you to try hair transplant in Malaysia.


Here are some things that you need to remember after your hair transplant surgery:


  1. Avoid washing your hair immediately. Your newly-transplanted hair need to acclimatize in your scalp. This usually takes a week or two, depending on your recovery rate. Only your doctor can wash your hair during your recovery period.


  1. Do not dye your newly-transplanted hair. You might be tempted to try hair coloring products to enhance your hair. This could pose significant danger to your scalp because of the chemicals present in hair dying products. You can only try this once your recovery period is over and if your doctor says so.


  1. Avoid stressful activities. Stressful life leads to alopecia areata. Avoid going back to work one week after your hair transplant surgery in Malaysia. Use this time to get plenty of rest and focus on your recovery.


  1. Follow your doctor’s post-operation advice. Your doctor will give you instructions after your surgery. These instructions focus on the treatment of scabs in the scalp, kinds of medicines that you need to take, foods you need to avoid, etc.


  1. Set-up realistic expectations. People have different reaction to medical treatments. This also applies to hair transplant surgery. Some patients grow their hair back eight months after the surgery. You may get yours earlier or on a later time. However, as long as you follow your doctor’s advice, you will be able to treat your male pattern baldness in no time.


Hair transplant surgery is definitely difficult, expensive and not to mention, painful. But you can surely recover from it as long as you strictly follow your doctor’s advice. Most people are only concerned about the hair implantation and do not bother with the specifics, making their recovery time longer than expected. Always remember to know everything that you need to before undergoing the surgery. This way, you will know exactly what to do when the time of your surgery comes.

6 Helpful Tips to Combat Hair Loss in Men



Most men face a common problem by the time they reach 50 – hair loss. Others begin to suffer this dilemma even before turning 21. The so-called male-pattern baldness, an inherited genetic trait, is pointed as the reason of almost all hair loss among guys.


Hair thinning and hair loss, however, come with your much-needed solution. If you’re one of those who can’t get enough of saving your hair, here are proven tips to combat its immediate effects.


  1. Keep what you have.

    Prevention is better than cure. It is definitely easier to maintain and protect your hair from falling than replace them. Be careful though in your options, such as shampoos and conditioners. Consult your doctor or dermatologist when uncertain of the treatment or product you will use.     Should-Use-Castor-Oil-1

    2. Use castor oil for hair

    Castor oil is a proven natural remedy for thinning hair problem and is a traditional beauty treatment. Its antibacterial and antifungal characteristics can help the scalp and protect it from dandruff and folliculitis. Natural hair regrowth is further hastened making the hair stronger and less frizzy.


  1. Use minoxidil to slow down hair loss. Medications can slow down male-pattern baldness. An over-the-counter treatment effective for your scalp is minoxidil. It decreases the rate of hair loss and even helps hair growth. Be cautious though to use this consistently. Hair loss may return once you stop applying it.


  1. Use finasteride as a prescribed medication. A hormone known as DHT causes shrinking of hair follicles. These follicles eventually become so small that hair growth becomes impossible for them. Finasteride is a prescription pill that helps reduce the body’s DHT. It is a proven balding cure, but consistent use is a must for maximum benefit.


  1. Consider undergoing hair transplant. Transplant is not as complicated as the term suggests. Your doctor will simply remove healthy hair from the back or side of the head and move them to the top. You can consult a medical expert about this process but be ready for the financial preparation it may require.


You may have it done more than twice until it works. Within two months, new strands will grow back and after 6 months, it will begin to look normal.


  1. Make the most of your present hair condition. Stay positive. Styling helps form a facade that makes hair loss less noticeable.  Learn these styling tricks so you get the most possible. For instance, shorter hair lets you avoid a comb-over for your thinning hair. Gently handling your hair helps too.


Remember that your hair doesn’t make you. Take good care of the things you can control. Look to others for your needed support. If you need additional inspiration, think of Vin Diesel, Pitbull and The Rock who are oozing with confidence despite their baldness.

You are always in good company every time your hair loss problem haunts you. A number of men have been there and they were able to come out even more confident. These top tips will truly make a great deal for you.

How to Get The Closest Shave for Men


Most men shave their faces each day. Since this is the norm, you should learn how to get the closest shave possible. The entire process relies on using the proper technique and quality products. Post-shave, it is essential to use skincare for men that prevents pain from razor burn as well. Here are tips that will help you achieve the best results.

Prepare Your Skin’s Surface 

Experts recommend properly preparing your skin before shaving. Hair should be removed, but your skin’s integrity must be upheld. If you have a thick beard, all the hair must be wet thoroughly. Wet hair is easier to cut. Shaving a dry face is a sure way to develop razor burn or a rash.

Use the Correct Tools 

To achieve a smooth shave, you must have a quality shaving brush. This helps raise your hair so that a close cut is possible. Also, it creates a nice lather with the shaving cream and helps eliminate dead skin.

It is important to allow the shaving cream to sit on your face for at least three minutes so that hair becomes softened even further. Applying the cream with a good brush helps push it into the hair. A badger brush helps lift hair and coat each strand with cream, which makes shaving easier.

During shaving, your razor is your most important tool. A single or double-blade can be used, but the instrument must be sharp. If it contains any nicks, it must be discarded immediately. Otherwise, the same blade can be used up to two weeks before it is replaced.

Proper Razor Technique 

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jeff Benabio explains many men shave too close and aggressively, which causes red bumps and irritation. On areas where your skin is thin and sensitive, including your neck, it is important to shave with the grain. This prevents redness and ingrown hairs. Also, it is wise to shave with a single stroke and to rinse the blade with water before each new swipe. If your razor feels as though it is tugging on your beard, it is time to change the blade. A dull razor can agitate hair follicles.

Cleanse After Shaving 

Your skin is most vulnerable after a shave. By rinsing your face with warm water and a facial wash, you will cleanse, soothe, and heal your skin.

Since shaving removes up to two layers of skin, it is recommended to apply an after shave for men. It is best to use a product that moisturizes your skin. You will be able to find an after shave formula designed to provide hydration without causing your face to become greasy or shiny.

Achieving the closest shave possible requires effort and good tools. Rushing a shave causes damage to your face. Following the above tips will make sure you remove hair and protect your skin. Uncovering a solid line of skincare for men will provide products that soften hair and heal skin after shaving. You will be able to enjoy results similar to a professional shave.


4 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss Naturally


Losing your hair can be a devastating process. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to prevent more hair loss without turning to drastic measures. Sometimes it’s a matter of changing your lifestyle or simply taking the necessary supplements. If you want to maintain your hair or even learn how to grow thicker hair, here are four things that you can do to prevent hair loss naturally.
1. Change Your Lifestyle

One of the biggest contributors to your hair loss is your lifestyle. Even if your lifestyle isn’t directly contributing to your hair loss, it can accelerate it. You want to make sure that you avoid stress as it often causes or accelerates hair loss more than any other factors. Exercise will be great for promoting blood flow which is essential for healthy hair. In a similar manner, you want to try to cut down on smoking as it has the opposite effect of restricting blood flow.
2. Consume a Better Diet and Take the Right Supplements

If you’re eating junk or processed food, make it a point to eat healthier for your hair. Choose foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acid such as fish, high quality beef, and nuts. Eat more vegetables that are rich in nutrients like kale, broccoli, spinach and beets. Supplements like multivitamins can help if you’re not able to get all the nutrients you need from your diet. It may also be beneficial to take hair vitamins which provide all the nutrients you need for your hair to stay healthy.
3. Use Shampoo that’s Actually Good for Your Hair

Commercial shampoo is often not good for your hair, especially when you’re in the midst of hair loss. Many shampoos contain ingredients damage your hair. One of these ingredients is sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) which break down the protein your hair is made of. Another one to look out for is polyethylene glycol which rids your hair of moisture. Instead of commercially marketed shampoos, choose natural shampoos. For example, you can use castor oil for hair growth as it contains many natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, while containing nutrients that are essential to your hair.

splash-haircare24. Treat Your Hair Right

Part of preventing hair loss is doing the little things to take care of it. If you’re planning to go out in the sun for a long time, make sure you bring a hat with you. Sun exposure can damage your hair and scalp, so you want to be protected. You should also avoid blow drying your hair with heat as it dries your hair and can also damage it. Another source of hair damage includes chemical treatments (dying, straightening, perms) which many often undergo on a regular basis.

These are just some of the few guidelines you can follow to prevent hair loss naturally. If you follow the advice, you’ll notice a slowdown of your hair loss in a matter of weeks. From there, you can see how things progress and decide whether or not it is worth it to pursue more aggressive prevention options.