Degrease Your Bicycle Parts: 3 Tips for a Complete Clean

If you own a bike and want to keep it clean, you will need to, on occasion, degrease the parts. If not, you are going to experience serious problems in the long run as your bike won’t perform as well. In fact, over time, your bike will end up experiencing problems. With this in mind, here is a short guide on the best way to degrease bicycle parts completely.

Buy the right parts: First and foremost, if you want to clean your bike well, you will want the best parts. Think about it, if you shop for bicycle parts here, you can find parts that work for your situation. You can also find bicycle accessories that will not get as greasy. With this first step, you are well on your way to saving time and money in the long run. Without a doubt, this will save you so much time and money that you need not be afraid to spend some excess cash on quality parts as they will go a long way in helping you enjoy your experience more.

Old rag: Now, with an old rag,k you can remove all the dirt you can see. Of course, when you do this, make sure you have a clean rag as you don’t want to contaminate your bike parts. Then, if you need to go at it for a second round, you can whip out a second rag. If you don’t own any rages, you can use old shirts or socks that were headed for the trash. Then, and only then, can you remove 90 percent of the grease

Simple Green: Finally, if you want to degrease something to the fullest, you will want to buy a product called Simply Green. With this, not only can you remove the grease, but you can do so without causing damage to the environment. The only slight downside with this product is that you have to scrub really hard to remove all the excess grease and dirt. However, while this is true, it’s certainly an effective way to enjoy your bicycle parts without excess grease.

With these three simple tips, a bike owner can degrease his or her bicycle parts completely. Remember, without doing this, a bike owner will not only experience bouts of frustration, but he or she will end up watching as their bike does not last a long time and the parts fail quickly.

cycling terrain

Tips to Cycling on Different Terrains

The world is full of opportunity for people to enjoy the wonders of nature. Many people are happy to leisurely stroll through a park or on hiking trails. However, the amount of nature that you are able to enjoy is limited to how fast you can walk. Bicycling will allow you to cover a larger area and enjoy much more of the area you are visiting. With a few simple preparations, you too can be biking across whatever continent you are exploring.

The first step to your biking adventure is to assess the area that you will be riding in. If you are going to be doing mostly off-road type riding, there are specific trails and off-road arenas built especially for this type of recreation. When you are planning on a long distance trip, it will be necessary to map out your travel route or investigate the area for unique landmarks to visit on your cycling tour.

Another thing to consider when taking on this sport is the type of bicycle that you will need. If you are riding in an area where you will be taking trails and dirt paths, an off-road type cycle is recommended. These bikes have heavy-duty shock systems to take on the rough terrain as well as wider tires to handle the uncertainties of the landscape. If you are going to be riding strictly on paved surfaces or roads, a touring or cruising bike may be what you need. Choosing the correct bike will ensure you a pleasurable and smooth ride.


Perhaps the most important aspect of biking is safety. It is important to arm yourself with all of the safety equipment that you will need on your journey. This list should include such things as a helmet, water bottle, first aid kit, tire patch, portable tire pump, compass, clock, and an emergency cell phone. These are especially important if you are planning an extensive or long distance trip. Although these are all basic emergency supplies, you can purchase a number of other items that are available for the cyclist when you buy and sell bicycles online (refer USJCycles).

To ensure an enjoyable and successful cycling trip, it is important that you plan the route, choose the proper cycle for the terrain, and carry the basic emergency needs for safety. Follow these tips and advice and you will be on your way to an unforgettable cycling experience.


Getting to the top in the South China terrain

Getting to the top in the South China terrain


How to Become a Certified Scuba Diver in Malaysia

Learning how to scuba dive is something untold scores of people take part in every year. Those who have been scuba diving or some time will mention the location in which the scuba diving lessons take place will factor into how enjoyable the process is. The locale and the beauty of the particular waters the learning experience occurs definitely will add to the memorable nature of program. Yes, there is a program. Scuba diving is too complex of a subject to be crash coursed. Serious safety issues must be factored into the learning and the stamp of approval on student is manifested in the form of the much sought scuba certification.

Becoming a certified scuba diver in Malaysia is a relatively simple process. All that has to be done is finding a local diving course in Malaysia. Since this country is known for its amazing diving, finding a course should not be difficult. The first important thing to do would be to locate a course taught by one of the major certifying agencies in the industry. The main organizations are recognized throughout the world and once a student has been certified, he or she can then rent equipment and book passage on a dive boat with no problems.

Scuba Diving Malaysia – Seaventures Dive

The first course a diving student would enroll in is the open water class. This program combines classroom learning time, dives in a swimming pool, and dives on a beach and, finally, dives from a boat on the open water. Obviously, this is not a class that can be cramming into a single day. It usually will take six days for the completion of such a program. The way classes are scheduled is so that a great deal of flexibility is offered to meet different people’s schedules. Classes can be taken six or more days in a row or they can be completed via weekend learning sessions.

Do not worry about your dive becoming too difficult to perform or that the class sessions will end up being too complex. The truth is these classes, like ones organized by Seaventures Rig Dive, are designed for the average person. There is no undue stress placed on those trying to learn and the overarching goal is to have fun. offers professional scuba diver course in Sipadan Island Malaysia offers professional scuba diver course in Sipadan Island Malaysia


The material taught has to be learned at a proper level of proficiency and there will be quite a great deal of material covered in the class. Much of this material will cover safety and, of course, the basics of how to use scuba equipment. Overall, diving courses in Malaysia are both fun and educational. They also reflect the beginning of a new and exciting hobby someone can enjoy for a lifetime.


Elbow Pain Treatment Exercises

Tennis elbow, tendonitis, golfer’s elbow, and a host of other joint problems can create unnecessary pain in your elbow. Luckily, there are several elbow pain treatment exercises that you can try to help alleviate some of this pain.

Elbow and Wrist Flexors
Oftentimes, elbow pain comes from improperly stretched muscles or ligaments that have gotten too tight. You can assist this by stretching out the affected arm. Start by fully extending your arm in front of you. Using your opposite hand, pull the extended arm palm towards the body, making a 90 degree angle with the arm. Hold this for three breaths (around 20 seconds). Now, push the palm down so that the back of the hand is pointing towards the front of the room. Hold this for another three breaths. Repeat this sequence on the other side.

Use a Dumbbell
Place your forearm on the edge of a table with your wrist at the edge and your hand dangling off. Grasp a one or two pound weight with the painful arm. Using just the wrist, raise the weight on a count of two, releasing it slowly back down. Repeat this exercise ten times.

Vary Your Workouts
For individuals who work out with weights, a very common cause of elbow pain is an improper usage of barbells. Many of the same effects can be obtained from utilizing dumbbells, so swap out your barbell exercises for dumbbell equivalents for a few weeks, and see if this helps to get rid of your pain. If you have questions about how to make these substitutions, consider contacting an orthopaedic specialist at
Hand Squeezes
Grab a tennis ball with affected arm. Squeeze the ball tightly with the hand for three seconds and then release. Repeat this 25 times on each affected arm. Some people will experience a large amount of discomfort with this exercise. If the pain is too great, consider switching out the tennis ball for a softer material such as a foam ball or a sponge.

Try each of the elbow pain treatment exercises for a few days to see if they assist in alleviating your suffering. Different elbow pain treatment practices will work better for different people. Also, consider taking an over-the-counter anti-inflammation drug such as Aleve as part of your pain regiment. If your pain persists, contact an orthopedic specialist at

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Common Types of Sports Injuries

The most common injuries related to sport are due to the overuse and strain of the muscles. The repeated exercise and movement on the same muscle, leads to muscle and tendon wear, which will need some sort of sports therapy in most cases. Among the common sports injuries are the wrist, knees, elbows and shoulder injuries affecting mainly the joints which are able to cause great pain. There is a big difference between muscle pull and muscle tear, whereby injuries adequately addressed in a sports clinic, is of utmost importance.

There are countless sports that need continuous use of the arm; therefor the shoulder is in constant use and wear. Because of the weakness of ligaments that support the joint, shoulder pain can be disturbing and intense. Among the sport’s most distressing to this injury are golf, tennis, volleyball and swimming. There is a range of motion exercises to strength the rotator cuff muscle in order to relieve the shoulder pain.

It is very common to hear of painful conditions in the elbow and the wrist, one leads to another, and all due to poor positioning of the muscles when executing a continuous action in the practiced sport. The inflammation of muscles and tendons in the arm due to bad position tends to turn the palm of the hand upward, as it is in tennis, stressing the muscles when executing the move leading to an intense elbow pain and consequently, wrist pain. Golfers, tennis players, and baseball pitchers often suffer from this condition due to the topspin forehand swing when releasing the shot.

The nightmare of every runner is the misalignment of the kneecap. The kneecap moves constantly in each exercise step such as walking, running and stretching. When this misalignment occurs, the kneecap is pulled to the side and touches the groove creating a knee joint pain. To counteract the knee joint pain one must relieve the thigh muscles rubbing downward to give relief to those ligaments and muscle contraction that pulls the kneecap out of place. In many cases, fluid may build up causing extreme knee joint pain and is recommended not to stretch the full leg while bent because it can worsen the condition.

Sports clinics strive in providing the best sports related medical care with the comprehensive knowledge to improve, and relief minor and intensive conditions. The sports clinics provide well trained professionals in sports therapy and are there to help you regain your muscle strength and relieve pain so you can return to your routine sports and recreational activities as soon as possible. 

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