4 Amazing Spa Treatments Never-To-Miss Out When In Bangkok

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When it comes to luxurious spa treatments, not a lot of places can rival the kind of services that you can get in Bangkok, Thailand. In fact, a lot of travelers troop to the popular city with the sole purpose of experiencing its famed spa establishments. Another great thing about the city is that you have a lot of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a simple foot massage or a whole body experience, finding what you need in the city won’t be a problem. Below are some of the spa treatments that you should definitely try:

  1. Traditional Thai Massage – Needless to say, visiting a spa in Bangkok won’t be complete without at least getting a traditional Thai massage. Almost all spa establishments in the city offer this service. Thai massage is very popular because it combines a lot of disciplines like yoga postures, acupressure, and even Indian Ayurvedic principles.

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  1. Hot Lava Stone Experience at Le Meridien – What makes this treatment unique is that the massage practitioner makes use of heated volcanic lava stones and warm aromatic oils during the massage. The treatment takes around 90 minutes. It’s something you should try if you haven’t experienced treatments of this type before.

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  1. The Singing Bowls Ritual at the Shanghai Mansion – If you’re looking for a unique treatment that involves therapeutic rituals, this is exactly what you’re looking for. It combines the soothing effects of singing bowls and the relaxation from a good massage. It awakens both your body and spirit. For those who don’t know, the Shanghai Mansion is a spa hotel which located at Bangkok that’s located within Chinatown. That said, it’s a very accessible place to get a nice spa treatment.

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  1. Flotation Therapy at the Theta State Float Center – Who would’ve thought that you can get bliss and enter a state of calm by isolating yourself in a floating chamber? That’s exactly what you receive in this unusual, but very effective, spa treatment. For a moment, you free yourself from stress from the outside world, and even from gravity itself.Image result for Flotation Therapy at the Theta State Float Center

These are the types of spa treatments you should look for the next time you find yourself in Bangkok. Your body will benefit from these treatments both physically and mentally. For instance, traditional Thai massage helps your whole body relax, thus allowing better blood circulation. The treatments also relieve stress, and this makes them effective solutions against mental conditions like anxiety and depression.

5 Best Essential Oils for Therapeutic Massage

Few things are more relaxing yet also energizing than a therapeutic massage. Whether you have enjoyed one or more massage sessions or if you are new to the entire experience, the key to a great therapeutic massage is finding a skilled therapist who understands not only the mechanics of massage but also how to communicate the essence of healing.
When you get a therapeutic massage, you can expect various benefits, such as stress reduction, enhanced circulation, relief from muscle aches, better flexibility and range of motion, improved sleep, headache relief and better breathing. One additional feature that can intensify your entire experience is the use of essential oils.


What are essential oils?

Essential oils are non-water based aromatic chemicals found in various parts of plants, including the flowers, roots, leaves and stems. The oils are readily absorbed by the skin, which makes them good candidates for therapeutic massage.


Essential Oil Processing Chart



Because essential oils are highly concentrated, they should be used with care. If your massage therapist offers essential oils, ask him or her to apply a small dab of the chosen essential oil to your skin to see if you have a negative reaction.

Essential oils are typically diluted with a carrier oil such as hemp, jojoba, olive, sunflower or sweet almond. Some essential oils need to be diluted more than others, depending on their concentration. An adverse reaction to carrier oils is rare.


5 essential oils

Which essential oil is best for you? Since the use of essential oils during a massage affects smell as well as touch, it’s important for you to like the aroma. Here are five of the best essential oils to use for a therapeutic massage. Your therapist may ask if you want to combine essential oils.

German chamomile. You may be familiar with German chamomile tea, which is recommended to help you relax and sleep. The essential oil has the same qualities available in a fruity sweet fragrance.


German chamomile essential oils



Lavender. This essential oil is known for its ability to reduce stress and promote sleep. It has a mild floral fragrance and is considered one of the safest of the essential oils.


Lavender Essential Oil Infographic




Patchouli. If you want an essential oil that has an earthy aroma that can help you feel grounded, then patchouli may be for you. Patchouli is considered a unisex oil because it appeals to men as well as women. It is also popular for meditation sessions.

Peppermint. This essential oil is one of the more intense of all the oils, which is why it is sometimes blended with spearmint. The menthol in peppermint can ease your headache and muscle pains while its invigorating aroma can lift your spirits.

Sandalwood. Meditation and spiritual groups often use sandalwood because it has significant grounding and calming abilities. Its aroma is both sweet and woody.

For information about the benefits of oil massages or to experience one yourself in Singapore, you may visit www.HealingTouch.com.sg.