Why Going Paperless Could Actually Increase Productivity and Communication in the Office

TPaper is good and necessary from time to time. But going paperless as much as possible in your work environment is a good idea and is healthy on the nature ecosystem since it can save trees. Not only does going paperless as much as possible keep beautiful greeneries that provide good oxygen and health benefits to us, but going paperless also has the rich potential of drastically increasing productivity in the workplace. So here we discuss some of those ways how productivity can increase when you go paperless in your place of work.1

  1. Efficiency

When things are done online or on the computer system, things can be done more efficiently. The efficiency rate goes up with cool gadgets and applications that come with the advance of technology. Let’s take the app Chrome for work, as an example. It functions quickly and so smoothly, providing almost the whole world at your fingertips. With such functionality, going paperless kind of makes more sense.2

  1. Time-saving

Remember the time when you had cabinets with drawers upon drawers filled with folders? How much time was lost in looking through those folders and files to find the piece of paper you needed? Nowadays you can find everything you need with a click or two, be it on your own hard drive or on the internet. No more wasted time.3

3. Less clutter

Less face it: everybody hates piles of paper on their desk. Clutter can cause people to become distracted and feel overwhelmed. No one can be productive in this environment. But a paperless workplace means no visible clutter around and a potential boost in productivity.4

4. Increase in Happiness

Productive people are happy people. When things are easy to find and use, workers can focus on their jobs, making them want to achieve their goals. Fast computers and internet connection provide this kind of easy-ness in the workplace. What’s more, happy employees bring better Return of Investment.

Let’s say that you’re not a go-green kind of person. But it’s still undeniable that there are real benefits to going paperless for the productivity of your workplace. Enjoy less clutter and more productivity from yourself and the ones you work with.



Be Prepared: Tips for Successful System Integration


Most tech-savvy business professionals know how important planning for system integration is, and many create detailed plans before beginning. However, some fail to understand important elements that can cause problems down the line. Here are a few tips for ensuring that your system integration is successful.
Security From Day One 

Too often, people decompose security to individual components of the system. While this can sometimes work with traditional business configurations, it can fail when tying systems together. A small oversight in one aspect of the system might not compromise that system, but it might affect other components. In addition, businesses are sometimes lax regarding seemingly inconsequential components of there system. When this component is integrated into other areas, however, it can create new security vulnerabilities. Make sure to take a holistic view of your system, and don’t overlook seemingly minor elements.
Future Growth 

Managers sometimes plan their integrated system to meet their immediate needs. Unlike ad hoc IT systems, however, integrated systems sometimes require upgrades to multiple components to make a simple change. Before implementing your upgrade, make sure you’re prepared for future growth. In some cases, it might be best to only loosely integrate certain components if it makes future upgrades easier to attain. Consider other options as well; in some cases, moving to a cloud paradigm can lead to better flexibility while allowing you to provide superior integration.
Logistics Matter 

Another factor that’s easy to overlook is managing your system’s logistics. In some cases, companies rely on different IT providers for different parts of the system, which can lead to IT maintenance difficulties in the future. For example, if you rely on IT services in Singapore for parts of your system and local providers for other parts, it might be difficult to combine these two elements. Make sure you work on logistics at the start of the project to avoid costly delays during the integration process.
Computer learning
The Cost of Training 

Training is always a concern for businesses making IT changes, and integration can lead to unforeseen challenges. In many cases, integrating your system can mean asking employees to take on roles with which they have little experience. Make sure you factor in all elements of training before beginning the integration process to find ways to save on the cost of training. You might also want to plan a bit of extra time for training, as employee mistakes can lead to costly problems.

Integrating components of your business can lead to significant cost savings, but the transition can be difficult. In addition to planning as thoroughly as possible, make sure you consider additional costs the process might incur. It’s also worth scheduling a bit of time for unforeseen events, as it can be easy to overlook potential problems.

The Three Best Class Combinations in Path of Exile

Without a doubt, Path of Exile is one of the most popular online games in Singapore today. It’s no surprise, as the game itself takes many cues from Diablo II, with many gamers billing PoE as the sequel that Diablo II should have gotten, rather than its actual sequel, Diablo III. Because of this high praise, people new to both Path of Exile and action role-playing games are flocking to the game en masse to see what all the hype is about. While the game can be played solo, it’s best to partner up with a friend to explore Wraeclast together. Below are three of the best class combinations that two players can use in Path of Exile.

1. Juggernaut and Deadeye

This pairing focuses on the classic combination of a large character who can take damage but doesn’t deal massive amounts of it and a nimble character who can’t take a hit but can quickly rack up the kills. As a Juggernaut, your job is to form a wall: Make sure that no enemies can get between you and the Deadeye. You’ll use a vast array of defensive skills to keep yourself safe from harm and keep your enemies occupied. As a Deadeye, your job will be to amass large amounts of damage on enemies in a short amount of time; without worrying about being attacked, you can focus solely on doing the attacking.

maxresdefault (8)
2. Duelist and Saboteur

This combination is for those players who like to entrap their foes before moving in for a rapid series of killing blows. The Saboteur specializes in traps, luring his enemies in and then binding them in place or blinding them. While your enemy is disoriented, the Duelist, a close-range killing machine who specializes in blows in rapid succession, moves in on the enemies and kills them before they even know what hit them.

3. Necromancer and Hierophant

This pairing is perfect for those players who don’t want to get their hands dirty. While the Necromancer relies on summoning an array of undead minions to overwhelm his foes, the Hierophant uses carefully placed totems to buff his allies or to deal damage. These two classes combined allows players to summon a virtual army, combating an army of evil with your own army for good. Summon an army, sit back and reap the rewards with this class combo.

Top Up Your Game Credits Like a Pro


Online gaming in itself is a fun and exciting experience. For avid and hardcore gamers alike, however, the fun doesn’t just stop with completing dungeon quests or coming in first place in a race. Topping up with MOL points or whatever game credit required boosts the fun to a whole new level.

What are Online Gaming Points? 

Basically, game points like Karma Koin online and GoCash allow players to either buy in-game items of high rarity or play games that are pay-to-play. While the latter type of games are less common, there still remains a few premium titles that require you to make a onetime purchase or continuously load, such as World of Warcraft.

Where To Find Them? 

You can conveniently purchase game points like MyCard Malaysia and Rixty Codes from sites like Sea Gamer Mall. For online transactions, though, you will need a valid credit card or digital wallet to successfully top up your game. It’s important to use only verified payment methods, such as PayPal, Skrill, and Web Money. Those without any valid online payment method can still find top-up cards from department stores nationwide.

How to Use the Cards 

First, choose the card you wish to purchase. It’s important to know how much credit you’d like to buy. Cards are incremented in dollars, with the lowest card costing around $2 to the priciest ones costing up to $100. If you want a higher amount, you can simply change the quantity of cards you wish to purchase from the default “1” to any number.

Next, hit the “Buy Now” button if you are ready to purchase otherwise hit the “Add to Cart” button to save your current items and continue shopping. Last, make the payments via your chosen payment method. The details of your card should be delivered to your account promptly.

The amount of available credit you can purchase and the cost per points may slightly vary. For example, topping up your Dragon Nest account may be accomplished through A-Cash, TrueMoney ePins, or 1-2 Call. Meanwhile, Tree of Savior can only be topped up either via OnCash cards or Nexon Cash cards.

Other Products and Services 

If you’re looking for gift cards, online portals like Sea Gamer Mall also have a wide selection you can peruse. You can find gift cards for games like Fifa, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and World of Warcraft. In addition to gift cards and in-game credits, you can also avail power levelling services, which basically means someone can pilot your character for level or gold grinding.

If you encounter any problems with loading the credit or finding the right card type, you can contact a live chat representative from the seller’s main website. Some portals will require you to fill up a form and then address your inquiry or problem through email while others provide real-time support.


The market for online game points and gift cards is definitely out there and is becoming larger and larger by the day. Use the guide above to find the right gaming credit or gift cards without having to leave the comforts of your humble abode.


The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On FIFA 16


Without a doubt, “FIFA 16” is one of the most popular Malaysia online games. However, if you’re new to the game, your first online experience against a real player most likely ended in crushing defeat. While the core gameplay is easy to learn even for soccer newcomers, it’s a difficult game to master. Anyone can pick up a controller and learn to pass and shoot in this amazing soccer game, but to truly become a FIFA legend, you’ll need some expert tips in your arsenal.

fifa-16-already-wayVary Your Offense

The worst thing you can be in the “FIFA” series is predictable. Players that move in a straight line and follow the same passing patterns repeatedly will find that their ball frequently gets stolen. Learn to vary your movement when running with the ball, such as zig-zagging across the field instead of running in a straight line. While your first inclination may be to run down the center of the field straight to the goal, consider running the ball on the outside of the field, or the “wings,” instead.

You’ll want to mix up your passing as well, using an array of both short and long passes to always keep your opponent on his toes. While you may want to abuse the trick stick here for flashy passes, only use it in moderation. Remember, the goal is to win, not to show off.

FUT-16-Team-of-the-Week-TOTW-3-Predictions-UltimateTeamUK-FIFA-16-Ultimate-TeamPut the Ultimate in Ultimate Team

When you first start the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team mode, you’ll likely end up with one good player amidst a sea of bad ones. If you take this rookie squad online, it’s only going to end in bitter defeat. Your first task should be accomplishing milestones, i.e. achievements. Completing certain milestones will award you with both new packs and new players, letting you quickly build your team’s ranks in no time at all.

However, if you want the best team quickly, you’ll need to purchase coins using real money. Websites like SEA Gamer Mall sell “FIFA 16” coins, also known as FUT 16 coins, which you can use to buy new packs of cards instantly. Though it can be expensive, buying coins and exchanging them for packs lets you rack up the best team in no time flat.

Once you’ve got a decent lineup for your FIFA 16 ultimate team, you’ll need to level them up. While a gamer’s main inclination is to quit any game where it looks like he or she will lose, stick it out: Playing games to completion awards you with experience points that will grant your players new abilities and improve older ones.

maxresdefault (5)The World Cup Trophy Is In Reach

With these FIFA tips, you’ll be at the top of the leaderboards before you know it. Your ultimate team will be unstoppable and you’ll be able to take even the lowest-rated soccer team and dominate your online games. Don’t be surprised when Real Madrid starts scouting you after getting wind of your FIFA performance.