3 Skills to Grasp and Make it as a Big Data Analyst

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Are you gunning for success as a big data analyst (BDA), specifically in Malaysia? The country is one of the few in Southeast Asia that has developed a big national data analysis framework.

As such, big data interpretation comprises an enormous market for professionals seeking statistics jobs in Malaysia. Big data analysis may be a role for the extremely analytical mind, but what skills do you need to start a successful career in the BDA statistics specialty?


Here are some fundamentals:

  1. Quantitative Skills

As a big data analyst for a top retailer or bank in Malaysia, you’ll be required to scrutinize massive chunks of data to unearth concealed insights like patterns, trends, and correlations. And to do your job well, you’ll require excellent quantitative skills.

Prowess in multivariable calculus and matrix algebra will come in handy too. The statistical concept of probability is vital to grasp as well.

  1. Computer Programming Knowledge

When you know how to code, you have an extra arsenal as a big data analyst. Certain big data analysis tasks require implementation of statistical formulas that only a computer program can process quickly and accurately.

So, when you can program your mathematical algorithms in languages such as Python, C++, or even Java, cracking hidden information in huge data sets becomes easier. Not all successful big data statisticians are programmers, though.

  1. Knowledge in Business Environment

It would be pointless to analyze data unless you can apply resultant interpretations to a relevant business environment. That’s why a big data analyst should possess a concrete grasp of the enterprise domain in which they operate. As such, the expert is in a great position to pinpoint relevant opportunities as well as threats depending on their business expertise.


Malaysia is spearheading big data analytics in the Southeast Asia region in a big way. This paves the way for the creation of numerous lucrative opportunities to get a statistics job in Malaysia.

You can make it in this particular field of statistics if you have strong quantitative and programming skills along with a perfect grasp of your business domain of operation.

3 Simple Ways To Expand Your Job Seeking Opportunities In Malaysia

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Hunting for a new job is tough in this economy, especially a job that you enjoy and pays well at the same time. But we’re not giving up hope just yet! With these few simple tricks, we hope that you can boost your job prospects in Malaysia and build that dream career of yours.

  1. Expand the Job Field Search on Job Listing Sites. Many make the mistake of narrowing their options too much on job listing sites by restraints of job fields, expected salary, and years of experience. The smarter thing to do is to widen the range, so you get more options, which usually leads to more choices you’ve never even thought of. Other fields might be looking for the expertise you can offer, and salaries can always be negotiated with interested possible employers. So, expand your target and don’t give yourself a tunnel vision!
  2. Make Use of Your Acquaintances and Network. Your network is bigger than you think! The person you worked on a project once might know someone who might be the key to your new job. Don’t be shy to ask around for recommendations and referrals. Most people are willing to help out if you approach them the right way. You can also have casual chats with acquaintances doing something you want to do. Show interest in their work, and hey, things might just pan out.
  3. Don’t Wait Around, Make the First Move! The company you want to work for might actually be looking to hire but haven’t got the time to advertise the opening just yet. Now, this is a golden opportunity. If you have a list of companies you want to work for, do your research and get in touch with them. Since the new opening isn’t posted yet, you’re also competing with a smaller pool of candidates.

So, don’t ever let yourself be caught up in the mindset that there is a lack of job vacancy in Malaysia. You just have to go about the right way because opportunities are everywhere. You should grab them instead of waiting around for them. Good luck!

Job Vacancies In Kajang: Passion Begins Here


The capital of Selangor, Malaysia, Kajang grew to become a modern township in the 1890s with the rise of coffee estates. Today, business in Kajang has developed to more than coffee farms with a bustling economy of different industries. As investment in Kajang is growing and property values rising, more and more Malaysians are starting to consider moving to Kajang. However, most are unsure where to begin looking for job vacancies in Kajang. To assist you in your search for a job you are passionate about, here are five industries doing well in Kajang to begin your job hunt.


  1. Real Estate

Real estate optimists analyzed that the investment value in Kajang is growing and will continue to grow as more developers are investing in the area. Construction companies and real estate companies are hiring people who are passionate about growing a business and building city culture. Positions in the real estate industry range from sales executives to project managers.

  1. Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry in Kajang is one that is big and will only continue to expand as interest in the city is growing. Factories and manufacturing companies produce everything from stainless steel, food products, and rubber (most important product from Kajang). Those who have experience as engineers or account management can easily find a job in this industry.

  1. Banking and Finance

Kajang is home to a slew of banks from local banks like OCBC Bank and the United Overseas Bank to satellite offices of international financial institutions like American Express and AIG. For those passionate about the banking and finance industry, positions range from wealth management specialists to financial analysts.

  1. Retail

The Kajang retail industry is one of the most progressive. There are countless malls and shopping complexes found all over Kajang, and there has been a boom in hypermarkets like Tesco Kajang. Those interested in retail can look for jobs as a sales associate, manager or retail analyst.

  1. Lifestyle

The Lifestyle industry is a growing one in Kajang with complexes like the renowned golf resorts like the Saujana Impian Golf & Country Club and favorite weekend hangout Jump Street Trampoline Park, among many others. Jobs in the industry are for those passionate about creativity and providing an amazing experience.


Kajang has come a long way from an economy built on coffee estates. If you’re looking for a career you love and have a passion for, Kajang is the place to head to. Check out these five industries and land a job in Kajang.

Three Most Popular Job Vacancies You Can Apply for in Kajang

Malaysia is one of the wealthy, bustling peninsular countries in Southeast Asia. Aside from its famous tourist destinations, ethnic landmarks, and its delectable food, it continues to be an employment hub, with its capital Kuala Lumpur as host to diverse companies and industries, and other cities and provinces which are also continuously developing economically.

Located south of Kuala Lumpur is the city of Kajang in Selangor. As it’s highly accessible through the network of interconnected highways, it offers not only an extraordinary place for tourists, but it is also a highly viable place for employment. If you are looking for work, then you may want to try applying for these most common job vacancies Kajang:

Manager holding tablet pc with "Get Your Dream Job Now" text on screen.

  1. Sales and marketing jobs

If you’re into business development activities such as researching and developing marketing opportunities and plans, implementing sales strategies and achieving target sales every month, there are numerous job offers available for you in Kajang. Either part time, full time or even internship slots, you can choose among these promising opportunities via online applications.

  1. Web development and IT-related work

Meanwhile, if you are experienced in web and apps development, domains, C panel, webmail, hosting, servers, backup, custom development, and open source applications, a lot of offers also await you in Kajang. Technical jobs related to computer applications are also available in many companies operating in this city

  1. Call center jobs

More jobs in the BPO industry are also available in Kajang, and basically, anyone with or without work experience can apply for these companies. Call center agents, as they are commonly known as, are in-charge of providing customer support services on sales ordering and customer inquiries/complaints. These job opportunities are also very competitive and offer night differential rates and other perks while working.


If you think you’ve got what it takes to perform these jobs, then it’s the time to head straight to Kajang City. All you have to do is know yourself and your capabilities, and prepare thoroughly for the application process to land the job you’ve always dreamed of!

5 Easy Ways To Help A Friend Or Family Member Find A Job In Malaysia

Many people come to Malaysia in the hope of finding a dream job that can lavish their lifestyle. While the job market in the country may experience some ups and downs, lucrative employment opportunities are still available for everyone. In fact, Malaysia is among the few countries around the world with the lowest unemployment rates. Statistics show that the current unemployment rate in the country is 3.4%, compared to 5.4% in the UK and 4.9% in the US. This figure clearly indicates every potential job hunter has a high chance of being employed to work anywhere around the country. Do you know someone who might be facing difficulties finding a job in Malaysia? Help them out with these 5 brilliant takeaways.

  1. Help your friend or relative get to know the socio-political situation in Malaysia, by gathering news together. In every job hunt, a rigorous research stage is crucial. You should take the time to familiarize with the political, cultural, and economic background before you consider working in any alien country. Understanding the region’s national official language, cultural nuances, and employment laws can increase the potential of being employed in Malaysia. But first, at least make sure your friend currently has another job in order to obtain a work permit faster before they travel. Many companies only offer jobs to those with a working visa or permit as required by the state.Getting advice from family and friends is a way to help you find a job vacancy in Malaysia
  2. Ask around you if someone knows an opening, and recommend your relative or friend to them. Potential networks help people find out everything they need to know. In fact, research shows that about 80% of jobs are found via networking. Newspapers, the Internet, and libraries are some of the most credible and authentic sources people turn to when hunting for a job. At least most of these sources frequently advertise job vacancies that reputable companies need to be tenured by competent staffs. Getting advice from family and friends with first-hand experience is also an excellent way to help your friend find a fulfilling job. Sometimes, such people may be great buddies with other employers seeking to hire new staff in their companies. You should also check through your alumni network, as they may have the potential to fix your friend a job quite fast and easy.
  3. Make sure your friend’s job application stands out before applying for a job. After your friend has decided which career path he/she wishes to pursue, prepare together an impressive application that sets itself apart. Job seekers should look at the invaluable skills they possess in a particular field, and the best way to look likable to a potential employer. A tip: many recruiters from top companies like to hire candidates with strong communication skills and enhanced analytical abilities. They also like to hire staffs that show leadership potential and are honest about their written and oral language skills. Make sure together that your relative or friend brushes up on these attributes before applying for any job.
  4. Help your relative or friend prepare fully for the interview. After he/she has successfully secured a job interview, do some research together to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Some companies usually invite people to dinner so that they can initiate an interview. Others conduct a family background check to dig stuff about your past, and really know the person they are about to work with. Try your best to find out what is acceptable in a company’s culture in which your partner wishes to become a part of. A tip: Ask your buddy to dress for the interview, even though their interview may be relayed over the phone. And ask them to be sure to demonstrate the ability and capacity to adjust to new environments. Any signs of suspicion can push away a potential employer, even if he or she is a mile away.Preparing job interview after secure a job vacancy in Malaysia
  5. Walk your friend or relative through the practicalities of working in another country. Most importantly, before your friend decides to settle and work in any country, at least make sure they’re psychologically ready for the move. For example, many areas around Malaysia require much flexibility, a person’s sense of humor, and patience to become fully familiar with the country. Figure out together things like the local people’s language, their way of life, and ask them to embrace the locals’ distinguished culture. And after they finally nail a job they love, ask them to relax and enjoy the new and different way of life!

Above are some cool tips for helping someone find a job in Malaysia. There are many job vacancies in Malaysia waiting to be filled by those who use the proper channels to get them. Whether it’s in the tourism sector, IT industry, or the banking and marketing department, everyone is sure to land a job that’s awesome. If you know of someone, like a friend or loved one struggling to get a job in the country, share with them this guide. You’ll for sure put a smile on their face and be glad they found a wonderful job that they can go to every day. Surely, finding a job in Malaysia has never been this easy!