4 Creative and Convenient Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle in the City

Cities aren’t called urban jungles for nothing. Characterized by concrete structures, constant traffic, busy workers, and tech-equipped everything, cities are designed to minimize physical exertion for fast, easy, and effortless completion of tasks. That’s because people in the city are always focused on maximizing their time. Unfortunately, a lot of the factors that make up a city can make it difficult to make time and room for a healthy lifestyle.
Still, there are options that will keep your body performing at its peak even in the urban jungles. Consider these creative ways if you want to stay fit and healthy in the city.

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1. Buy Groceries Online – In quieter, less advanced localities, fresh food is always just a stone’s throw away either available in a nearby farmer’s market or outside growing in your own lawn. Sadly, it’s not quite as easy to access good, healthy food when you’re living in the city. Instead of chowing down on fast food, leverage your tech to get your hands on healthy grub. You can buy sunflower oil online in Singapore as well as pick up any other vegetables and ingredients you might need to prep a healthy meal and have them delivered to your doorstep in hours. This way, you won’t have an excuse to order out.

2. Invest in Cooking Appliances – Always running late because of lengthy meal prep? It can be tough to cram cooking in between work and rest. But there are simpler ways to get your meals cooked on time without having to slave over a hot stove. Invest in cooking appliances that are designed to speed up the process of preparing healthy meals so you can enjoy home cooked food in the office.

Related image3. Explore Your Tech – Your smartphone is good for more than just staying in touch with your social circle. There are literally millions of different applications you can download to help make it a full-on fitness monitor. Download apps for your phone to make it more versatile and help you track your daily diet and activity levels so you can adjust your activities to meet standard measures.

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4. Take Advantage of Ridesharing Services – Forget the dirty taxis and crowded buses. There are better ways to get yourself to work without having to worry about coming into contact with disease-causing germs and microbes. Ridesharing services are taking the commute industry by storm, and for very good reasons. These clean cars are affordable, easy to book, and much less stressful. They’re perfect for keeping your calm levels at a consistent normal to reduce the health problems caused by the hectic daily commute.

There isn’t an excuse to lose control of your health in a city that doesn’t foster fitness. Take care of yourself and keep your body at optimum wellness by putting these creative methods to practice in your life.

Instant Steamboat Meal In 5 Minutes, 5 Easy Steps!

Steamboat, also known as hot pot, is a popular dish in Asia, particularly in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. A typical steamboat dish normally consists of fish cakes, frozen seafood, fresh vegetables, tofu, wontons, thinly sliced meat, or any other ingredients that you prefer.


In certain cultures, some foods included in the soup-based dish are considered to be auspicious, such as prawns (considered to be a symbol of happiness), long noodles (which signifies longevity), dumplings (a symbol of wealth), and fish slices (a symbol of abundance). These ingredients are then thrown together in a metal pot filled with stock (chicken, tom yum) and eaten with dipping sauces.


Follow this simple recipe in 5 simple steps and enjoy your steamboat meal in 5 minutes:

What you need (for 2-4 people):

  • A stove/pot/induction cooker
  • Soup base (fish sauce, salt, sugar, chicken stock)
  • Golden or Enoki mushrooms
  • Cabbages
  • Chicken, meat, pork or fish slices
  • Frozen seafood (i.e. prawns, squid, crab sticks)
  • Fish cakes
  • Eggs
  • Noodles
  • Wontons
  • Tofu
  • Dumplings
  • Condiments like soy sauce or chili sauce for dipping



  1. In a stove, pot or induction cooker, combine the fish sauce, sugar, salt and chicken stock. Mix them well and bring to a boil.
  2. Unpack all the ingredients for your steamboat and arrange them on serving dishes.
  3. Prepare dipping sauces (extra tip: you can add in dried chili or crispy garlic)
  4. Add all the remaining ingredients into soup.
  5. Wait for them to cook, and enjoy your instant meal!


No longer a meal to be enjoyed only during winter or traditional celebrations, steamboat is not only great for a fun get-together, it’s also the perfect go-to meal for the health-conscious, those who are pressed for time, those who don’t know how to cook, or even those who are too lazy to cook. Due to how easy and time-saving it is to prepare for a steamboat dish, almost everyone could make it, whether you’re a busy parent, a professional, or a student.


The Top 9 Things to Buy Via Chinese New Year Deals Online

images (4)If you love getting amazing deals when doing online shopping in Singapore, then get ready for the Chinese New Year. Each year, this event signals some of the best deals on the Internet. This means if you’ve had your eye on some things you’ve been wanting to buy, the Chinese New Year might just be the time to go ahead and buy them!

The 9 Things to Buy with Chinese New Year Deals:


1. Smartphones

Getting the best and newest smartphone is not a luxury everyone can have. But if you shop during this holiday, you might be able to snag the newest model for an excellent price.

download (4)

2. Clothes and Accessories

If you have been looking to get a new pair of designer jeans or a brand new spring jacket, during the Chinese New Year is the time get these items at a great price. Look for New Year sales and try to buy in bulk to save on shipping as well. Often, you can make returns at the brick and mortar store for free.


3. Groceriesdownload (5)

Yes, you read that correctly. Food items and other things you use regularly in the kitchen, bath or home in general can be discounted by quite a sum during this holiday. For example, try shopping at RedMart Online Grocery for some great deals that you won’t find at any other time of the year.


4. Subscription Services

Sometimes, subscription services to music, movie or audible book sites can be really expensive. Fortunately, on holidays like the Chinese New Year, prices go momentarily down, and you can nab a great deal.

images (7)5. Appliances for the Kitchen

If you’ve wanted one of those new coffee makers or maybe a big mixer, these items will definitely be on sale during the Chinese New Year. Often, they’re not on sale at any other time of year.

6. E-Readers and Tablets

Tablets and e-readers are often things that you don’t have to have. If you have a smartphone and a computer, you’re usually set media-wise. This means that as a bonus electronic device, you should definitely try to get one of them on sale!

images (6)7. Jewelry

Jewelry is always an expensive item, but during the new year celebration, it definitely gets discounted. You might consider getting a jewelry piece to stow away for a birthday gift for someone you care about.




8. Desktop Computers and Laptops

A computer or laptop can be one of the most expensive items you buy, but purchasing one during the Chinese New Year can save you hundreds of dollars in many cases. Make sure to shop around.

9. Gift CardsBest-Buy-Lunar-Near-Year-E-Gift-Card

Stores love selling gift cards because they often h
ope that people who buy them won’t end up using them! But if you’re smart, you’ll buy them at a discounted price and definitely use them.

Finally, don’t forget to do shopping in advance and compare prices. You’ll want to know exactly where the best deals will be and when so that you can nab those amazing prices for the Chinese new year!