5 Useful Ways Of Protecting Your Home From Burglary Whether You Are In Or Away


According to international crime rate statistics, Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world. Does this afford you the comfort of relaxing on the belief that you are in a safe country? No, any Singapore security company can attest to receiving distress calls on home burglary crimes regularly that amount to at least 500 cases every year. You don’t have to wait for your turn for your house to be broken into and mugged that you can be part of some negative statistics. Take charge of your home security and adopt the following home safety tips.

Catch the burglar concept, thief with balaclava caught in front of the grunge concrete wall.

1. Make it hard to break into your home
Whether it’s a private home compound, apartment, or a rental; make it hard in every possible way for burglars to get in. Get assistance from the security company of your choice and install an intrusion detection system to your home. The current technology makes it possible to remotely monitor your home or compound and even alert you in the case of intrusion. Apart from the devices, put in place stronger doors and windows that are hard to break through.
2. Don’t make it easy to tell if you are at home or away
Regardless what courage it takes for one to walk into another’s compound and break in. Statistics indicate that most burglars prefer breaking into unoccupied homes. They mostly come around during the day when everyone has left for work or in the dead of the night when they are sure you aren’t around or the number of occupants. Advertising that you will be away to everyone increases the chances of your home being burgled while you aren’t around.
3. Clear your home compound
When burglars plan on breaking into your home, they will most probably find bushy areas where they can easily hide before or after their crime. Don’t give them that chance;clear your home compound of thick bushes near your home. If you consider greeneries a must have, keep them short and planted loosely apart.
4. De-clutter your compound
Before you think of installing a great intrusion detection system for your home, think of decluttering your compound first. Don’t leave items like loose ladders or high benches or seats outside when you are away or at night. Burglars may just use this to access weak points into your home like windows or ventilation openings. 4
5. Purchase a decal from a Singapore security company
As crazy as this may sound, research shows that placement of a warning about CCTV, alarm or some other form alarm system in visible places acts as a huge deterrent tom crimes. Therefore, if you can’t afford a security alarm system for your home, consider keeping burglars away by putting a decal, from a reputable Singapore company, on a prominent place in your home and it will deter possible home breakage.
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