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5 Internet Entrepreneurship Success Stories We Can Learn From

It may seem like everyone’s enjoying Internet success, but that’s simply not true. The Internet has over a half billion websites. If there are a thousand broken bulbs for every light on Broadway, there are millions for every Internet success story.

If you’re scouting for Internet success, you want to learn from the best. Here are five exciting stories about entrepreneurs, some in their teens, who are building empires on the web.


  • Alex Fraiser, Blogger
    At the tender age of 15, Fraiser designed He quickly developed a devout following. He was the highest ranked 16 year old blogger on the Internet. He’s not driven by success, even after launching a web themed product based on his popular blog. He says he was inspired by his restaurateur father. Dad was his own boss and Fraiser liked the idea.


Alex Fraiser

Alex Fraiser



  • Jeff Walker, CEO of Internet Alchemy, Inc.
    At the bottom of his financial barrel and looking at a bleak future, Walker began tinkering with the idea of providing investment advice through email. He started with less than 20 addresses. Today, his little idea is worth $400 million. He is the epitome of daring to dream, advising you get started and goad yourself to succeed.


Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker


Jeff Walker Google Plus

Jeff Walker Google Plus :



  • Stanley Tang, Author and Blogger
    Tang was inspired by the books of Robert Kiyosaki to write. Tang’s first book, eMillions: Behind-the-Scenes Stories of 14 Successful Internet Millionaires, hit the top of the list on Amazon’s best sellers. He was 14 years old. Today, Tang has two blogs, and that regularly bring in six figures. He believes his success is the result of hard work and passion.



Stanley Tang author of best selling book eMillions

Stanley Tang author of best selling book eMillions



  • Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook
    It’s far too easy to put someone like Zuckerberg on a list like this but there’s no denying he deserves to be here. Originally a programmer, he is estimated to be worth over $30 billion, making him the richest young person in the world who wasn’t born into money. He currently only accepts $1 a year for his current services at Facebook.


Mark Zuckerberg Infographic




  • Arjun Rai, Internet Entrepreneur
    Looking to learn about business, Rai used LinkedIn to connect with other entrepreneurs. A year later, he was COO of a growing online advertising company. It wasn’t enough. He built odysseyAds, a customer focused online advertising network that caters to 21st century marketing. Rai graduated high school not long after.


Arjun Rai

Arjun Rai

These life lessons are invaluable to anyone that wants to know entrepreneurship and Internet success. For more, you can browse popular business book titles and be on the lookout for webinars.



Mom Baby

The 5 Best Self-Help Books for Single Mothers

Being a single mother isn’t easy. Without a partner to help you out, some situations can seem overwhelming. It’s also very easy to fall into bad habits due to the unfair stress of raising a child or children on your own. When you need a little guidance to get you back on track to a healthy and happy life, these self-help books for single mothers are the first resources you should consult.


1. The Complete Single Mother

Whether you’re suffering the financial strain of having only one income or worried about retaining custody of your children, The Complete Single Mother has advice you can use. The third edition contains a new chapter on children with special needs, who are often overlooked in literature aimed at single parents. It also discussed how to deal with an unruly ex-husband and how to get back into the dating game.


The Complete Single Mother




❤ 2. The Single Mom’s Little Book of Wisdom

If you’re starting to doubt yourself, the Little Book of Wisdom can help you feel more confident both as a parent and as a woman. It’s full of reassurances and tips on how to be successful when you’re going it alone. It’s more focused on achieving monetary success, which can be more difficult when you have children to care for. However, it also has an excellent section on how to stop caring what others think of you and start being who you want to be.


The Single Moms Little Book of Wisdom




❤ 3. Raising Great Kids on Your Own

Written for any single parent, Raising Great Kids on Your Own has excellent advice for single mothers. If you are a Christian mother hoping to raise your children in a Christian household, this is the book for you. It provides tips on how to keep the faith through difficult times, as well as how to instill an appreciation for God in your children. It also offers some guidance when it comes to nourishing your own soul, too.


Raising Great Kids On Your Own



❤ 4. Single Mom Seeking

If you don’t want the start of single motherhood to signal the end of your dating life, Single Mom Seeking is one book you’ll definitely need to crack open. All 200 pages of it are dedicated to helping single mothers pursue active love lives without sacrificing their children’s safety and happiness. The book also has some insightful pieces of advice on how to find time for romance amid any single mother’s busy schedule.


Single Mom Seeking



❤ 5. Chicken Soup for the Single Parent’s Soul

Like all of the other Chicken Soup books, Chicken Soup for the Single Parent’s Soul is filled to the brim with funny anecdotes, advice, and stories of healing. It’s a book that shouts from the rooftops how wonderful and special parenting is, which can be a real pick-me-up after a hard day. If you’re starting to find yourself unhappy but you’re not sure why, Chicken Soup can give you a fresh perspective that will make you happy to be who you are.


Chicken Soup For the Single Parents Soul






3 Most Hotly Anticipated Fantasy Novels This Summer 2013

With the most popular books of the genre will always stand the test of time, fantasy readers are always on the lookout for the next big writer or the next installment of a favorite series. Here are the books generating a lot of hype about some new arrivals expected in the world of publishing.


The Broken Eye, by Brent Weeks

The third in a four-volume set dubbed The Lightbringer Series, this book continues the tale of the Chromeria. This story is set in a pre-industrial society with an understanding of simple machines. Magic is broken down in an interesting system of colors rather than spells. Populated with fully-fleshed characters and drenched with logic sometimes lacking in fantasy books, this series has netted the author numerous awards and accolades. This volume is slated for 2014 release date, but no other specifics have yet been released.


Words of Radiance, by Brandon Sanderson

Sanderson, the author selected by Robert Jordan’s widow to complete The Wheel of Time series, is also a prolific and award-winning author in his own right. The book is the second installment in a planned series of ten known as The Stormlight Archive, and is expected to be released sometime in 2014 as well. The first book was told in a shifting perspective, allowing the reader to be immersed in different aspects of the story simultaneously. There has been no word about whether or not Sanderson will continue this style into the second volume. With Sanderson being crowned one of the younger masters of fantasy, a large fan base waits impatiently for this work to be made available.


The Republic of Thieves, by Scott Lynch

It’s been six years since the last volume of The Gentleman Bastard Sequence was published, and fans everywhere are waiting with bated breath for the October of 2013 release date to arrive so they can get their hands on The Republic of Thieves. This series follows the life and times of a thief named Locke Lamora over a span of 20 years and is planned to include seven volumes total. For fans of Locke, Lynch has stated that he has another seven-book series in mind that would serve as a prequel to The Gentleman Bastard Sequence. As Lynch is only 35, fans may yet see the conclusion of both series yet.



Some of the most popular books being anticipated are written by young, talented authors with big plans for the future. These three authors are also lauded for making each book in a series stand alone quite nicely, so don’t be afraid to pick up fantasy books from any point in a series and dive right in!