Rolex watches are a pretty good investment to have around, even if you never put one on your wrist. There are lots of people who invest in Rolex watches. They look pretty. They are also heavy-duty and do not damage easily.

Thinking of making this kind of investment for yourself? A friend or family member?

Read some of the tips I have listed below first. This will make your buying options that much easier and less stressful.

1) Only talk to someone who readily deals in the Rolex division. These people know the different makes, models, even the Rolex price. Not everything is going to be the same. Different Rolex types come with different ranges. A new Rolex might be more expensive than a used one. Same goes for the vintage Rolex. A vintage sometimes carries more weight than the newer models. It all depends on who long it’s been on the market. It also depends on what repairs have been done on it previously.

Ask a dealer about the history of each watch. The more questions you ask, the more of insight you will have over the knowledge. Never buy from someone who only has a “passing” knowledge of the product. A genuine dealer will know each watch inside and out.

2) Always ask for some sort of authenticity. Ask the dealer for the certification of each watch. He/she should be able to provide this for you readily. Do not think that buying without certification will guarantee the real deal here.

3) Talk to the dealer about the repair jobs it has had. Ask to see proof of the work done. A genuine dealer will not have an issue with this. Look at the checkpoints for the repair jobs. Do the repairs come with Rolex technician authenticity? They should. Only those who are certified technicians should have had their hands on the watch.

If other technicians have repaired the watch too, this is a red flag. This means the authenticity cannot be trusted.

4) Look at the Rolex price. What does it include? The price should be equal to the craftsmanship of the watch. If this is not the case, then you are being taken advantage of. Be smart about this.

“If it looks too good to be true, it is.”

This is an old saying that has been used many times in the Rolex industry. Do your own research. Research the makes and models you are interested in. You should have a general idea of what to expect price wise before entering the store.

If there is ever any doubt, ask the guy.

5) Do not just buy into the gadgets and tricks. This is what sometimes gets people. A really authentic Rolex will include the genuine price of what it’s worth, without all the bells and whistles. If you feel the bells and whistles are trying to make up for something that is lacking, you could be right.

When in doubt, always question the dealer. His/her response will tell you everything you need to know.