Skin Care Tips for the Body and Face

Tips for taking care of skin will vary according to whether the tips are for men or for women. Skin care is also different for the body than it is for the face. Facial skin is often more sensitive and loses moisture faster than skin on other areas of the body.

Skin Care for the Body
The main concern most people have with the skin on their bodies is dryness. Moisture can be replaced by using creams and lotions which contain hydrating emollients. Some products also contain plant oils which can aid in the healing of damaged skin cells. Skin cells can be damaged by shaving or sun exposure. Women who shave their legs should use a moisturizing shaving cream to reduce the amount of damage caused by the razor.

Body creams and lotions available at a beauty store will also come in formulas that contain SPF protection (read more about The Major Differences Between High-end And Drugstore Makeup). People who have their body parts exposed to the sun for long periods of time should use lotions containing sunscreen protection. Some product lines such as the one from Mario Badescu, offer several products for the body which contain different degrees of sunscreen protection. Additional body products designed to add moisture to dehydrated skin include creams and lotions made especially for the hands and feet.

Skin Care for the Face
The facial skin can be harder to treat because it often has areas which are oily as well as areas which are dry. The first step is to determine which skin type the face has. The three major types of skin are oily, dry and combination. Women who wear makeup will find certain cosmetic brands offering different formulas in the products they manufacture to suit the different skin types people have.

Facial skin is also more sensitive than body skin which is why some products such as those available by Dr Jart, are made without parabens, synthetic colors and synthetic fragrances. Facial skin also changes as people get older so the products available from some major cosmetic companies will usually be designed for different age groups. People who have older skin will benefit from using face creams that contain ingredients to add elasticity to the skin. Some face creams contain bleaching agents which work on the pigmentation found in dark spots so they are not as visible. Facial creams and lotions can also contain essential nutrients to help replenish vitamins lost with age.

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